defense application

I acknowledge receipt of your email dated ****** and the contents therein.

I wish to respond to the same by making this appeal to have my borrower defense application reconsidered by your good office.

As you are already aware, I enrolled to the Art Institute of California on April 17, 2017 and graduated sometime around March 11, 2019.  Be that as it may, when I submitted my application for admission and enrolment, I did so under the presumption and knowledge that upon successful completion of my studies, the institution will assist me to secure a place of employment. Relying on this information I proceeded to make an application for financial support through the federal student financial aid services facilitated by the US Department of Education.

On the day I submitted my documents for admission and enrollment, I met with [*name*]. The person introduced themselves to me as a staff/recruiter for the institution. They provided me with all kinds of information with respect to the institution and the products/services offered. I was reluctant to engage further with the recruiter, until they informed me of a program by the institution to link its graduates with potential employers in the job market. According to the recruiter’s information, the institution would have head hunters and employers come in to review my portfolio and subsequently interview me with the potential of employment.

I informed the recruiter that I have attended classes at another institution and would be disappointed to see the progress made go to waste. The recruiter assured me that the credits acquired so far could be transferred to my portfolio with the institution. Based on these promises, I chose to join the institution as a student.

Once I became a student of the institution, I applied for a student aid loan. My application was approved and the funds were released to the institution as tuition payment in my favor.

Soon after, I began my studies at the institution. I attended all the required sessions and attempted all the required examinations. My performance was exceptionally well and the institution assured me I will be receiving a grant. I was informed that the grant would redeem a portion, if not all, of the tuition fees obtained by the loan.

To date, I have enjoyed none of the promises made. I am unemployed and have never met with any potential employer contrary to the promises. I have performed exceptionally well as is evidenced by my Transcript I was deserving of honors. However, the institution never acknowledged any grant in my favor. I performed my part of the obligation by completing the course, yet not once has the institution attempted to realize it’s promise to me.

With respect to the above, I have demonstrated that

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