Dear Administrators & Facility Directors

November 27, 2023

Dear Administrators & Facility Directors,

We appreciate the opportunity and the time you have taken to review Express
Professional Homecare, LLC’s information package.
We are in awe of your Company for what it does, stands for, and has accomplished
so far and we would welcome a chance to work with such a prestigious
establishment as King’s Bridge Retirement Community.
Our co-owners and team bring more than 20 years of combined healthcare
experience in critical care nursing, nursing management, administration,
consultation, accreditation, and business management. We offer a variety of services
including live-ins, senior care, post-surgery care, hospice, stroke care, and more.
Our services provide a holistic supplement to the already advanced care provided by
your organization.
Your company’s attention to detail in successfully treating and caring for all your
patients, clients, and their families is incomparable and if given the chance to work
with you, we will follow the exact high standards set by your company.
Our plan/objective is to provide each patient and family with a sense of comfort,
knowing they are being well cared for by exceptionally qualified professionals that
are successful in their respective fields and who are innately invested in the well-
being of others and making them feel at home and valued.
By ensuring we fully satisfy the needs of the patients, and help them achieve the
highest quality of life while respecting their rights, privacy, and dignity, we strive to be
their first option in providing their health services amongst other healthcare
We believe by working together with your medical professionals and team members,
we will help the patients, and clients reach their maximum potential by providing
them with quality care.
We look forward to having a mutual benefiting partnership with you in efforts of
ensuring the clients receive the best quality care, exceptional service, and support
needed for better living.
Express Professional Homecare, LLC Team

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