July 3, 2023





In financial transactions where a money is borrowed, law requires the borrower be present and willing to accept the terms of lending. See 15 U.S.C. §§ 1601-1667f. This is common practice in most parts of the civilized world and, unquestionably the requirement exists here in the United States as well considering the statute. This intended debtor protection was created by U.S. Congress. Violations of this statute can carry significant penalties against the lender which the consumer may claim.  

Spending of U.S. Congress is out of control and carries no burden of responsibility back to the debtor(s), more specifically, the people. As spending legislation is passed from chamber to chamber, ear marks, special interests and back room deals are given priority over those whom the spending is purportedly for. If congress continues two write checks toxic to the national balance sheet, we remain at an impasse with a failure of Congressional Integrity and Transparency, a point of issue that has needed a reevaluation for many years.

To cure this defect in congressional spending, not to dissimilar from a Truth in Lending Disclosure presented to a borrower, a Truth in Spending Disclosure can sufficiently address this concern. It would present U.S. Taxpayers a concise document identifying the proposed bill, the names of the person(s) who sponsored and co-sponsored the bill, the expected amount(s) of spending and any modifications to the original bill and who the sponsor(s) of those additional line item modifications.

This process would provide taxpayers transparency in the legislative process while correcting the problem(s) with actions of updating Congressional website(s) to show consumer citizens where their wealth has been depleted without their prior knowledge.


15 U.S.C. §§ 1601-1667f, As Amended

This Act (Title I of the Consumer Credit Protection Act) authorizes the Commission to enforce compliance by most non-depository entities with a variety of statutory provisions. Among other requirements, the Act requires creditors who deal with consumers to make certain written disclosures concerning finance charges and related aspects of credit transactions (including disclosing an annual percentage rate) and comply with other mandates, and requires advertisements to include certain disclosures. The Act has been amended on numerous occasions, adding requirements for credit cards and open-end credit; for mortgage credit such as ability to repay standards, loan origination, anti-steering, appraisal independence, and mortgage servicing; and others. A number of laws amending and enforced under this Act are listed separately.



WE, the undersigned people of the United States of America petition United States Congress in both U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for the passing of law as follows:

THAT, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate shall establish a Truth in Spending Disclosure Act, a legal requirement for both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

THAT; the ACT would require publishing of a Truth in Spending Disclosure for all public spending passed through Congress in amounts greater than two million United States Dollars ($ 2,000,000).

WHEREAS, such Truth in Spending Disclosure Act shall require the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader or their assignee(s) to publicly publish a Truth in Spending Disclosure not less than 48 Hours prior to any final vote on any such law where a Truth in Spending Disclosure is required; and,

THAT, a Truth in Spending Disclosure shall identify the member in each legislative body who sponsored the original bill, the amount of the bill; and

THAT, a Truth in Spending Disclosure shall identify with specificity any proposed modifications to the original spending bill, the name(s) of the member(s) who sponsored the proposed the modification(s) and the amount(s) of any additional spending. Each Modification to the original bill shall be maintained as separate line item with identification on the ultimate destination of any spending amount(s).

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