THIS AGREEMENT is made on Friday, December 17, 2021

BETWEEN: Party names:?

(1)                           Name:  (Party 1)





(2)                           Name:  (Party 2)





(3)                           Munkey Images LLC (Party 3)


Assumption of Risk

Party names


Term of Investment


Control for Holdings


Crypto Wallet




          This Investment Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into on this __th day of December, 2021 (the “Effective Date”), by and between Munkey Images LLC ( Party #1), and ______________________ (Investor).


          A.     Munkey Images LLC seeks to enter into the Agreement with _____________ (Investor). for Munkey Images LLC to invest funds into the Crypto themed apparel company, a Florida LLC, paid back in crypto currency.

          B.     _________________ (Investor) is willing to enter into this Agreement to provide Munkey Images LLC with the $_________  investment in consideration for cryptocurrency profits to be paid by Munkey Images LLC to _________ (Investor) in the form of cryptocurrency.


          The parties hereby agree as follows:

1.     Investment.  Within 30 days from the Effective Date, ________________(Investor) shall remit to Munkey Images LLC a cash payment of $_________, ten thousand dollars,  (the “Investment”). _______ (Investor) can add to their investment at any time  of the contract.. All investments are made with


 2.    All investments come with risk. Cryptocurrency can lose all of its value. Investors should invest what they can afford to lose. Munkey Images LLC does not insure any investments. All investments made are made at the risk of the investor.

3.      In return for the Investment, Party #1 (Munkey Images LLC) agrees to pay_________________ (Investor)  the gains of the investment in cryptocurrency. Munkey Images LLC will provide _______________ (Investor) with a tablet to access their investment.

4.    Gains will be gifted in cryptocurrency (This may not be possible to be given as a gift) (Needs donative intent, delivery, and acceptance.)  Gains will be transferred to current crypto wallet(s) which will be available itrust, coinbase, or other platform. The deposit into the crypto wallet  Before the deposit is made, Investor must confirm the wallet address. Once the gift is sent, it is under Investor responsibility.

2.3          Gains are only transferred on the 7th of the month; residuals gain, which are not guaranteed. Their account will grow

2.4          (Party 1) will be responsible for all the taxes on the cryptocurrency transferred


All payments made by the Borrower under this Agreement shall be made free and clear of, and without deduction or withholding for or on account of, any present or future income, stamp or other taxes, levies, imposts, duties, charges, fees, deductions or withholdings, now or hereafter imposed, levied, collected, withheld or assessed by any Governmental Authority, excluding net income taxes and franchise taxes (imposed in lieu of net income taxes) imposed on the Administrative Agent or any Lender as a result of a present or former connection between the Administrative Agent or such Lender and the jurisdiction of the Governmental Authority imposing such tax or any political subdivision or taxing authority thereof or therein (other than any such connection arising solely from the Administrative Agent or such Lender having executed, delivered or performed its obligations or received a payment under, or enforced, this Agreement or any other Loan Document).

Account will show you how much you have.

Investor is responsible for all fees associated with the withdrawal. The conversion can take time, Munkey Images LLC

3.             WITHDRAWAL

3.1          This is an open contract and (Party1) can withdraw at any time to close their investment at the current value of the portfolio.

3.2          A written notice must be given by (Party1) to withdraw and close the account.

3.3          Transfer takes 7-10 business days

3.4          All exchanges or wallets transfer/fees will be charged to (Party 1)

3.5          (Party 1) Can withdraw amounts from their portfolio as needed

3.6          There is a 10% charge to withdraw from their portfolio each time. There’s an additional 30% if liquidated for 72 hours

From their initial investment, as long as the account permits it, the account will send the residual payment.

In order to keep the accounts, the website does not have their crypto currency address for protection

Everyone is getting a tablet, that will have their information on it. It will be held by Munkey Image LLC. This tablet will be paid for by the residuals of the cryptocurrency. This tablet, which includes the tablet and case. The tablet is yours when you close the account.

Access to the wallet, in the sense that the Munkey Image LLC has access to the wallet address, to

4.             CRYPTO WALLETS

4.1          (Party 2 & Party 3) to have access to (Party 1) crypto wallets to make deposits

4.2          (Party 2 & Party 3) cannot withdraw from (Party 1) wallets without a written permission

4.3          (Party 2 & Party 3) can create crypto wallets for (Party 1)

4.4          (Party 2 & Party 3) cannot change the passwords or information on the wallets of (Party 1)

5.             MONTHLY RESIDUAL (Royalty)

If it is done by the last day in the month, the ex dividend date

The royalties are determined by 10% of investment to the nearest hundred (rounding down) and will be paid out based on the investment amount on (ex dividend date)

5.1          (Party 1) will determine what amount to receive monthly based on their investment.  This amount is based on a 10% of the amount invested. (Example:  If you invest $100 then 10% = $10 will be the monthly residual goal as the markets permitted)

5.2          (Party 1) will be responsible for all taxes/fees (Already mentioned in taxes)

5.3          (Party 1) can change the amount of the monthly residual goal by adding the 10 to 1 ratio by 100s.

6.             REFERRALS

                Referrals are to be notified at the beginning of the contract. The referral will be added to their account. The referral will add into their account after their initial investment. If the investment is $1500 or more, they will be eligible for $50.

6.1          There are no limits to how many referrals you can receive.

6.2          Referral credits will be added to the portfolio of (Party1) after their referral has placed their investment.

6.3          The referral must state who they were referred by at the time of signing

6.4          The referrals credit will be as follow:

  • $50 with a $500 investment
  • $100 with a $1000 investment
  • $250 with a $5000 investment
  • $500 with a $10000 investment
  • $1000 & $20 monthly residual with a $25000 investment

6.5          The $20 monthly residual will continue while (Party 1) and their referral are a member.

6.6          (Party 1) will receive a referral credit every time their referral adds and meets the investment amount.  This amount cannot include referral credits.

7.             WEBSITE

7.1          (Party 1) will receive a username and password to their portfolio at the

7.2          Munkey Images LLC will have administrative rights to the website.

8.             TERMS

8.1          (Party 1) understands there are no guarantees with this investment.   Assumption of Risk (Initial the AoR)

X____________________________                                                              X____________________________

Just for being a member, you get a moon bag

A moon bag depends on what is happening in the market in total, not just in the portfolio. It is a gift that is given by the company of crypto coins from time to time.

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