Counteroffer for my Severance Package

May 28, 2023

Subject: Counteroffer for my Severance Package


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to issue my counteroffer for my severance package.

I have been an employee in your company until the termination of my employment on or about [ENTER DATE]. My employment was terminated after I raised concerns to the HR and/or Executive Team Member. My concerns were based on the Company’s Covid-19 mask policy. I also faulted the stressing work environment with no/limited breaks. Lastly, I raised concerns about the new payroll system, which had many errors. The events that led to my termination were based on my leave. The Company claimed that I provided false information regarding my leave, which allegations were false.

After my termination, the Company offered me a four-month severance package with an option of changing my termination from involuntary to voluntary for the purpose of unemployment benefits.  Accordingly, I make the following counteroffer to the said severance package:

  1. 12-month severance,
  2. 3 months reimbursement for COBRA,
  3. Changing termination from involuntary to voluntary. I have not applied for or received unemployment benefits. Therefore, changing my status would not be difficult.

It is worth noting that my job was protected due to FMLA for 12 months.

When you fail grant me the terms in my counteroffer, I will institute a Complaint against you with: CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing / Labor Commissioner and/or United States Department of Labor – OSHA.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.




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