Costume Rental Agreement

Dream Doll Parties

Costume Rental Agreement

Renter Information:

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________

*A copy of your photo ID is required

Event Information:

Date of Event: ___________________

Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date: _________________________

Agreed Return Date & Time: ___________________________

Rental amount:  _______________________________________

The costume was reserved on _____________________date[MK1] .

Itemization of costume, including description and price will be included on the invoice attached to the agreement.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their successors and permitted assigns[MK2] .

By signing in the space provided below, the Renter agrees to abide by Terms and Conditions attached hereto. Failure to abide by such Terms and Conditions will result in charges to the Renter’s debit / credit card for the maximum allowable amount as indicated herein.

Dream Doll Parties

Terms and Conditions

In renting costumes from Dream Doll Parties, the following terms and conditions apply:


  1. The Rental:

Costumes may be picked up or shipped prior to the event date. Costumes are due back the business day immediately following the event. Costume should be returned in the condition it was in at the Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date. [MK4] [MK5] , the costume should be in good repair andcomplete, please make sure all pieces of the costume are included, and in proper packaging to ensure safe transport.

*DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN OR LAUNDER THE COSTUME YOURSELF* A cleaning fee of $35 is included in the rental fee.

Renter shall use the costume responsibly and only for the purposes for which it is intended.

Please note that fees shall be charged for breach of this provision notwithstanding that the breach is discovered past the Agreed Return Date & Time e.g permanent stains on the costume[MK6] .

  • Deposit/Payment:

At the time of reservation, a NONREFUNDABLE deposit in the amount of 50% of the agreed rental fee will be due. The balance of such Rental Fee shall be paid prior to Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date[MK7]   of the costume. A copy of the Renters driver’s license, as well as the credit/debit card will be required to be kept on file. An incidental hold of $*** will be held on the card on file until costume is returned in the condition it was in at the Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date.. Upon execution of this agreement, Renter authorizes Dream Doll Parties too charge any fees or costs according to this agreement.

  • Refunds on Cancellations:

No refunds will be issued once a costume has beenreserved[MK8] . This includes cancellation of the event [MK9] , for whatever reason. Exchanges may be allowed on a case-by-case basis at Dream Doll Parties sole discretion.

  • Late Fees:

Late fees are applicable the next business day following the Agreed Return Date & Time[MK10]  . The amount of this fee will be prorated from the[MK11]  rental amount and term to a daily fee. (Example: a three-day rental at $100.00 would incur a late charge of $33.33 per day)

  • Damages:

Stains, residue, odors, or environmental situations (pet hair, cigarette smoke, etc.) that require care beyond the normal scope of laundering / cleaning WILL BE CHARGED to Renter. Any damages to the costume beyond routine cleaning will result in a charge for the full replacement value of the entire costume. In this situation Dream Doll Parties will also retain ownership of the damaged costume.

  • Loss:

Damages beyond reasonable repair (i.e. cigarette burns, permanent stains, excessive rips) will be considered a total loss (“Loss”) and the cost of the replacement value of the costume[MK12] will be charged to Renter in an amount to be at Dream Doll Parties management’s sole discretion. In addition, the following circumstances shall also be considered a Loss:

·  A costume is returned beyond reasonable repair

·  The costume is returned needing specialized cleaning

·  [MK13] 

·  The costume is returned with one or more items missing

·  Any modifications have been carried out on the costume

·  The costume is returned with blood (or other body fluids[MK14] )

·  The costume is not returned to Dream Doll Parties for whatever reason

·  [MK15] 

·  [MK16] 

·  The costume was cleaned and/or laundered by Renter without Dream Doll Parties consent

  • Renter Stipulation

Below are some guidelines that we ask to be observed to avoid damage and fees incurred for such:

·  Do not clean or launder the costume(s)

·  Do not eat, drink or smoke in the costumes

·  When you wear your costume, please wear appropriate undergarments to protect the  costume as much as possible from sweat and makeup damage.

·  Please do not attempt to make alterations to any  costume unless it is approved by  Dream Doll Parties.

·  Renter must not attach sticky labels, badges or tape of any kind to any part of their costume nor pin, sew, glue or iron any costume[MK17] ..

·  If any part of the costume is to be used in a manner that is inconsistent to its intended use, Renter must advise Dream Doll Parties prior to signing this Agreement.

·  Total replacement value is based on the amount it would require for Dream Doll Parties to obtain a replacement of equal or greater value to include shopping time, shipping and handling, and any other expense it would take to obtain said replacement of the costume.

  • Indemnity:

The Renter shall take proper safeguards for the prevention of damage to the costume. Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the owner (Tanesh Foster), Dream Doll Parties and any party who may claim through them against any claims, loss, or damage including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs arising from the use of the costume or this agreement unless otherwise expressed.

. The Renter covenants that it will in respect of the costume: (a) pay the rentalamount promptly when due (b) on termination of this Agreement return the costume to the Renter at the expense and risk of the Renter.

  1. Ownership of costume

Dream Doll Parties shall maintain ownership of the costume, and Renter shall not acquire any ownership interest in the costume, regardless of maintenance, repairs, or replacement which might be deemed to be necessary as a result of damage to or loss of the costume.

  1. Inspection

Renter and Dream Doll Parties acknowledge that the costume has been inspected at the Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date, and the Renter accepts the costume as being in good condition[MK18]  on the said Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date.

  1. Encumbrances

Renter shall keep the costume free and clear of any encumbrances and shall not permit any act where Dream Doll Parties’ title or rights may be negatively affected.

  1. Dispute resolution

Parties agree to settle disputes under this agreement through (select one)

☐Negotiation                   ☐Mediation                 ☐Arbitration                       ☐Litigation[MK19] [MK20] 

  1. Applicable law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of  Georgia[MK21] .

Renter Signature: _____________________________             Date[MK22] : ______________________


 [MK1]It is prudent to have the reservation date shown for avoidance of doubt as it determines when the deposit is payable.


 [MK2]It is prudent to add that the Parties’ successors and assigns shall also be bound to this agreement.


 [MK3]Use similar words throughout.


 [MK4]The word “in its original condition is vague and subject to misinterpretation, it can easily be construed to mean the condition the costume was in when it was bought/ made by you.


 [MK5]It is contradictory to mandate that the costume must be returned while clean and at the same time prohibit the Renter from cleaning the costume.


 [MK6]Since you will be handling the cleaning, it is safe to provide for indemnity should you discover breach after the Agreed Return Date & Time date such as permanent stains.


 [MK7]It is prudent to use the same words to refer to the same item throughout the document for uniformity and clarity.


 [MK8]It is prudent to use similar words throughout the document as expressed above.


 [MK9]As earlier stated, similar words are preferable.


 [MK10] Use similar words.


 [MK11]The word “original” implies presence of another rental amount which is misleading since there is only one rental amount and the rest are late fees and penalties.


 [MK12]The costume is the only rental ,the use of the word “renatl items (s) implies there may be more than the costume that is being rented out which is misleading.


 [MK13]This has already been covered under the first point.


 [MK14]This is vague since sweat is also a body fluid which may be reasonably expected on the costume before Dream Doll Parties cleans it especially since you do not allow the Renter to clean it themselves.


 [MK15]This has already been covered under the first point.


 [MK16] [MK16]This has already been covered under the fifth point.


 [MK17]It is not necessary to have the words “that is hired” all reference to the costume in the Renter’s possession refers to those that have already been hired.


 [MK18]It is prudent to state that the costume has been inspected and found to be in good condition especially by the Renter on the  Pick Up Date & Time/ Ship Date.




 [MK20]It is prudent to state the dispute resolution method for clarity.


 [MK21]It is prudent to state the applicable law, preferably where your business is registered for clarity.


 [MK22]It is bette to have the signature at the end of the agreement to show that the Renter has read through it then signed.

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