1. Instagram

Instagram, you can use somebody’s images so long as you linking them back to their profile. You can do that by tagging them in the repost and the caption as well. 99% of Instagram users are okay with you, linking them back to their profiles. However, if you would love to use an image for a business venture such as advertising, it is appropriate for you to ask for permission from the author to avoid being sued for copyright infringement. For the pages like archeology art and blowing up history, you must tag them when using the images on their pages. For Instagram accounts, the terms and conditions of Instagram apply to the visual images posted on the platform.

  • Pinterest

For Pinterest, you can only repin other people’s images on Pinterest. You are not allowed to copy them and post them on another platform. If you copy an author’s images and post on another platform or use those for advertising, that can be considered copyright infringement because you are “solely responsible” for anything you post.


You can use another person’s content if it is fair use. Fair use depends on how you use the work, and the courts apply a four-factor test to determine whether fair use is in play: the purpose and character of the use (whether it is for commercial or nonprofit/education purposes). The more it is for educational purposes, the more it is likely to be fair use, the nature of the work, the amount of the work used compared to the whole of the work, and the effect on the market or value of the work. The whole point is to balance copyright protection with the public’s interest.

The best sources of stock images that could be used for advertising

  1. Adobe Stock

Adobe gives you a platform to download watermarked photos for free to test them in Photoshop before you can purchase. Adobe Stock charges for a monthly image plan. These tiers start at three images per month for just $9.99. A more expensive plan costs $29.99 per month for 10 images. All annual plans are paid monthly. Adobe Stock has over 100 million images, which is more than enough to keep you scrolling for an entire afternoon. What’s more, all plans come with a free month, which gets you 10 free image downloads. Discounts are available for existing Creative Cloud users.

  • 99 Club

An annual subscription to this service costs just $99, and it has no hidden fees. 99Club features over 4 million images composed of high-resolution photos, fonts, and vectors.

  • Pixabay

It is a free website for stock photos. The use of Pixabay images does not require attribution.

  • Stocksnap

The images on Stocksnap are freely accessible, and they are free from copyright restrictions. The images do not require attribution.

  • Flickr

It is a source of free images. However, a Creative Commons License is attached to the images, and not all images on Flickr can be used the same way.

If our company in the EU, do we have any special copyright law? What are the general provisions that must be followed everywhere besides the photo bank’s licences?

The special copyright law in the EU is that the copyright licence extends up to 70 years after the author’s death, while in other regions, the copyright licence extends to a period of up to 50 years after the death of the author.

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