September 12, 2021



THIS CONTRACT is hereby entered into on this ………………day of ……..…………….Two Thousand and ……………………………


  1. ELLE-SIMMONE, a Limited Liability Company of (ADDRESS) hereinafter referred to as “ELLE-SIMONE” which expression shall where the context so admits include its personal representatives and assignees)


  1. …(MODEL’S NAME)………………………………of ………………………(ADDRESS) hereinafter referred to as “THE MODEL” which expression shall where the context so admits include his personal representatives and assignees).



  1. ELLE-SIMONE is a company which engages models for the purpose of advertising, promoting, marketing and branding of products, among other related services.


  1. Elle-Simone shall contract the model for a period of ……….(months/years) during which period the model shall work for ………(number of hours) in a day and shall be compensated USD…..per (month/week..etc)


  1. This amount agreed upon shall be paid ……………………….(In cash, bank transfer ……etc) as a one off payment or in ……..installments of USD ……….each.


  1. Models contracted by Elle-Simone shall not under any circumstances and more so without express authority from Elle-Simone use the Elle-Simone brand for any unrelated activity to that which they have been contracted to fulfill. Further, the Model shall not use the Elle-Simone brand for the benefit of another competing brand or otherwise.


  1. Notwithstanding the clause above, the model may use the Elle-Simone Brand for another project after obtaining written consent from Elle-Simone duly signed by the relevant authorizing personnel.


  1. Elle-Simone shall have sole ownership of the photographs taken of the model to ensure that there is a smooth continuity of marketing and branding its products for the period that the model shall be contracted.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed, The model shall undertake to return any product including but not limited to clothing and shoes accorded to him/her for the purpose of advertising, promoting and/or any other related purpose. The product shall be returned in proper condition.


  1. In the event that the model puts up a photo and/or a post in any social media platform that is related to the work that Elle-Simone has contracted him or her, the model shall at all times acknowledge Elle-Simone in such post by way of a tag or a hash tag.


  1. This Contract shall commence upon the date of full execution by all parties and expire when the terms of this contract have lapsed or when the parties shall agree.


  1. Notwithstanding the immediate preceding clause, this contract shall be subject to change and updates, which shall be agreed upon by both parties and where necessary, an addendum to this contract may be drafted and signed thereof.


  1. The terms and conditions of this contract shall be binding upon the parties herein.


  1. This Contract contains the whole agreement and understanding between the parties herein and supersedes all previous contracts (if any) whether written or oral between the parties in respect of such matters.


  1. This contract may be terminated by either party on the condition that they give sufficient notice which shall not be less than ……..months. Further, such party terminating the contract shall ensure that there are no pending matters between the parties including but not limited to return of products and settlement of any outstanding amounts.


  1. Notwithstanding the preceding immediate paragraph, if the model maligns Elle-Simone in any way including but not limited to speech, posts or chats on any social media platform or through any other way, the contract shall be terminated with immediate effect at the disadvantage of the model.


IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have executed this Contract the day and year hereinabove written.


SIGNED by the parties:                                           )

                                                                             )          _________________                   FOR:                                                             )

ELE-SIMONE LTD                                                    )


AND                                                                       )


MODEL                                                                   )        _________________

(SPECIFIC NAME)                                                    )



WITNESSED BY: –                                                    )        ___________________


)                                                                                                                           )


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