Consultancy and Content Production Services Agreement

December 7, 2023

Consultancy and Content Production Services Agreement


Evans Media LLC, with offices located in Sharjah Media City, UAE, PO BOX 487177, represented by Vuk
Zlatarov (hereinafter referred to as Consultant)

[Company Details, Address, License, PO BOX], represented by Name (hereinafter referred to as Client)
The client wants to obtain advisory and consulting services as well as content production services from
the Consultant. Consultant agrees to provide such services as an independent external consultant, in
accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Article 1. Subject

The Contracting Parties agree that the Consultant is going to provide content production and consultancy
services to the Client. In addition, the Consultant will provide services and support for the creation of new
media formats and services for the Client, as well as all other necessary services that are related to the
products and services development and their market positioning. Services will be provided in accordance
with industry standards and, if working on the site, in accordance with standards and rules of a Client
and/or end user.

Article 2. Acceptance

Parties herein agree and acknowledge that once the content is provided to the Client, they have five days
within which to provide feedback to the Consultant, failing which the submitted content will be deemed

Article 3. Duration and Termination

This Agreement becomes effective upon the day of signature and has an unlimited duration unless
specified differently under Schedule 3.
The contract may be terminated by either Party with a thirty (30) days’ notice period. In the event of
termination, the Client is obliged to pay the Consultant for all the services that have been implemented or
started to the moment of termination.
In the case of the Contract termination, the Client is not obliged to pay for any future services
implemented after the termination, nor is the Consultant required to continue providing services and

Article 4. Buffer Period.

The Client will be entitled to a buffer period which will be approved by the Consultant. This period will be
used by the Client to use the Consultant’s services. However, if the buffer period is not used by the Client,

the contract expires, they forfeit the buffer period and have to pay the Consultant in full, regardless of
whether the services were provided or not.

Article 5. Compensation

The Parties agree that compensation will be paid per provided service, for the services provided in the
previous period, and in accordance with the conditions defined in Schedule 1.
Compensation will be paid no later than seven (7) days from the day the Consultant has submitted an
invoice. The Client undertakes to reimburse travel costs, accommodation, and subsistence, in addition to
the fee for invoiced working hours. Upon the Client’s prior approval, the Consultant shall be reimbursed
for all necessary, reasonable, and proven travel costs and stay by the submitted invoices or their copies
to the Client. The Consultant will charge the Client for its resource of time spent traveling in one direction
in the amount of 8 hours if the flight was overseas or intercontinental.
In the event that the Consultant does not provide the service within the agreed time limit or delays in
delivering products by his own fault, the Client can stop further payments.
After each delivery/service provided by the Consultant, the Client will review whether the delivery/service
provided is in accordance with the request, which is defined in Schedule 1.
The Client has the right to reject delivery/service provided unless it is in accordance with the previously
defined request. The Client will notify the Consultant in written form about acceptance/rejection of the
delivery/service provided within 5 days from the delivery date. In the event that the Client has declared
delivery/service provided as invalid, the Consultant will make an extra effort to make corrections and
repeat delivery/provide the service as soon as possible in order to fulfill the Clients requirements and
expectations within 3 working days, unless the Consultant and Client mutually agreed otherwise.
Payment will be made in AED according to the middle currency rate of the Central Bank of United Arab
Emirates on the invoice date, in an appropriate AED Consultant’s account in the United Arab Emirates,
according to the request of the Consultant, and upon an invoice issuance by the Consultant to the Client.

Article 6. Default.

The Client agrees and acknowledges that in the event that they do not provide in a timely manner (within
five days); –
i. feedback on the raised questions by the Consultant,
ii. materials relevant and important for the Consultants work,
iii. feedback on the submitted deliverables by the Consultant or
iv. obstructs the efficiency and the progress of the Consultant by not cooperating and supporting the
process of the Consultant’s delivery of the services defined by this Agreement.
The Client will be obligated to pay the Consultant in full in accordance with Schedule 5 regardless of any
delays that are occasioned by the Client mentioned above.
Article 7. Business Secret

The Contracting Parties are aware that during the provision of services in accordance with this
Agreement, a mutual exchange of confidential information may occur. Accordingly, both Parties agree to
keep confidential all available information during and after the term of this Agreement. None of the Parties
will use this information for any purpose other than the purpose of implementing this Agreement. In case
of doubt about whether particular information is to be considered confidential, each Party will make a prior
check with the other Party.

Article 8. Personal Data Protection

The Contracting Parties are aware that within the scope of the obligations under this Agreement, they
may have access to sensitive personal data and/or confidential information, and its use is regulated by
the law, and that their misuse or careless usage may cause the opposite side of the end customer great
material and/or moral damage.
The Contracting Parties shall guarantee to respect the relevant legislation on personal data protection,
mutual internal rules, and the end-user policies. The Contracting Parties shall guarantee to protect with
due care all the data and to use them exclusively for the purposes of this Agreement.
Article 9. Transitional and Final Provisions

This Agreement which includes all attachments and schedules hereto shall be governed by and
construed in accordance with substantial provisions of English law, and any dispute arising therefrom
shall be resolved exclusively through arbitration for which the exclusive forum shall be the DIFC-LCIA
Arbitration Centre and shall be subject to the DIFC-LCIA Rules.
For and on behalf of: For and on behalf of:

Evans Media LLC Client /CompanyName

_______________________ _______________________
Vuk Zlatarov Authorized representative
CEO at Poddster Title

Schedule 1: Scope of Work
One-off podcast setup:
 Podcast concept development – Developing the podcast concept, including the script,
podcast format, and the overarching theme.
 Podcast branding – Logo design, video graphics, and social media cover artwork
 Website – Setting up a podcast web landing page
 Social media platforms – Setting up podcast-specific LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,
and Twitter pages.
 Remote shooting setup – Assistance and support to set up a recording studio at your home
Monthly services:
 Guest outreach – Reaching out to a selected target group and booking guests for your
 Guest management – Managing the communication with the guest from the point they
confirmed their attendance to the point of releasing their episode live
 Guest introduction script and interview questions – Preparing the script for the episode
introduction and episode interview questions.
 Remote audio & video recording support – Support of the recording process and the setup
 Episode video & audio recording – starter – Includes audio & video recording with Shure
microphones and one HD/4K camera.
 Episode video & audio recording – pro – Includes audio & video recording with Shure
microphones and two HD/4K cameras.
 Episode video & audio recording – legend – Includes audio & video recording with Shure
microphones and three HD/4K cameras.
 Basic episode editing – Audio and video editing + episode comes in its full recorded length with
minor trimming.
 Advanced episode editing – Audio and video editing + episode is fully reviewed and trimmed +
episode trailer.
 Episode content waterfall package 1 – 12 pieces of video, audio, text, and photo content per
episode + episode headlines + episode summaries
 Episode content waterfall package 2 – 24 pieces of video, audio, text, and photo content per
episode + episode headlines + episode summaries
Content distribution – Publishing of all produced content on all communication platforms
Schedule 2: Fee and Payment Schedule
Payment 1: date
Payment 2: date
Payment 3: date
Schedule 3: Duration of the engagement
Start date: 25.1.2022.
End date: 25.4.2022.

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