This Consent and Release of Liability agreement is made on _____ day of _______
2022 (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Date”) and is necessary for attending
the scheduled event.
1. I assume the risk of any physical injury, whether minor, severe, or otherwise.

2. I shall be responsible for taking care of my personal belongings and assets
while on the Land and at the event.

3. I will not hold the Landowner or the Event Organizer liable for any physical
injury resulting from my stay on the Land, whether minor, severe or otherwise.

4. I assume all responsibility for my participation in the musical event.
I acknowledge and understand what is contained in this Agreement, I acknowledge
that I have not been forced to sign this agreement and I agree to be legally bound by
the terms of this consent and release from liability.

Signature: ____________________________
Name: _______________________________

Identification Number: __________________
Email Address: ________________________

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