To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this to bring to your attention the violation of my fundamental right to fair trial; in the recent past I have experienced legal injustices and irregularities from the DPP, Garda and his Conspirators.

I am ________________, and I was charged with Money Laundering around December XXX, since then I have attended a few pre-trial hearings as of XXX.

The right to fair trial requires the defendant to be notified promptly of any change of court dates, court times and reasons why one is being charged. Garda and his conspirators have denied me such pertinent information as they keep changing court dates without duly notifying me or my legal representatives. Also, they have deprived me of important information without a justifiable reason. Failing to promptly notify me has been very disadvantageous to me as I lack adequate time and resources to fully prepare for the court proceedings. Such failure is detrimental to me and my case in general. For example, on XXX inquired on my next court date and they told me it will be on XXX  at Court 5 for the pre-trial hearing. On seeking advice from another Solicitor he informed me that my next court case will be on XXX  for preliminary hearing and XXX for trial date. Such conflicting information is causing me utter confusion. Dishonesty from Garda and his conspirators is proving hard on the case.

Please be notified of such conduct from Garda and his Conspirators and the effect it has on my case.  I request legal action to be taken against them such as; requiring them to duly and correctly notify me of any change of date and time of hearings pursuant to Circuit Court Rules.

Yours Sincerely,

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