I write this letter to issue my complaint over treatment that I consider unfair. I have been serving your company as an IT expert with unique skills in in python, excel, java, and SQL. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to exercise and grow my skills in your company. However, I raise my complaints based on the following:


On or about March 10, 2021, I contacted Director Ramirez Gomez and informed him of my intent to initiate a complaint about the unfair harassment I received from my colleagues. I asked him to do an investigation and transfer me to another branch at the end of his investigation. He

promised to call the other parties involved and get to me back. Until now, I have not received any conclusion from that investigation.

Upon my keen observation, it is commonplace for most of the supervisors to investigate allegations and/or complaints and transfer the persons involved to another building. In my case, that was the first complaint I made, but it appears it was never investigated.

According to senior manager-Melvin Johnson, a customer complained about me on or about April 20, 2021. The customer alleged that he/she sent an email request to me that I did not act upon impromptu. As soon as the management team received the complaint from the customer, they asked me to stop work and put me on call to fill in schedules, without asking for my side of the story.

This is the only job I am doing. Besides, for the entire period I have been working for the company, the management has never received any complaint from the customer against me. In

fact in the past, when the management received complaints from customers, they investigated the complaint by hearing from both parties and swapped the supervisor to another branch at the end of the investigation. In my case it was done differently. There are plenty of examples to cite for both situations on how they treated me differently from other supervisors.

I have tried to resolve the issue with my immediate leadership in Virginia but at this stage I am left with no option but to reach out to head office where I believe I will be heard.


Employers, because of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), are not allowed to make job choices based on sex, religion, color, race (as well as pregnancy), or national origin. I totally understand that Virginia is an “employment at will state”. However, arriving at decisions based on the said specific protected categories violates federal and/or state law. Being terminated for that reason is therefore being terminated for an illegal reason. Accordingly, such termination amounts to wrongful termination.

The company’s Staff Handbook clearly provides guidelines for investigating complaints from customers. Therefore, I have been bothered why the management failed to follow the Handbook in dealing with the customer’s complaint. I have been providing my services perfectly, without any complaint since I started working with the Company- the said complaint was my first one. Accordingly, the only reason that may explain my different treatment is my national origin. I am an immigrant from the Gambia, west Africa. I find my national origin and/or race as the only reason why my employment would be terminated in the said manner.


In light of the foregoing, I find the management liable for my termination, which was done without following the company’s due procedure of investigating customer complaints. Besides, I allege the said conduct was discriminatory because there is no reasonable explanation why the management failed to follow the said due process as it did with other employees. I belong to a protected group by virtue of my national origin. Therefore, objectively, this is the only reason that explains my unfair treatment.  

I humbly request you to investigate this matter and help me protect my rights and save my only source of employment. I may opt for an action in court if I find no redress for my unfair treatment.

Thank you for your attention,

Yours sincerely,



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