Making a complaint regarding someone is a delicate matter and drafting the details in a complaint letter is just as difficult since every aspect has to be put in writing. Thus, drafting a letter that ought to be done meticulously. Moreover, complaint letters are addressed to the relevant authorities when one is not fully satisfied with the service provided. A letter also comes in handy when one has a significant problem that ought to be addressed in an urgent manner.

Another key aspect regarding the complaint letter is that it should be drafted in a polite tone to avoid being rude. A letter’s format normally imitates that of an official letter. To draft a letter, one should begin the address of the sender then the date. Subsequently, what follows are aspects such as the address of the recipient, subject, letter’s body, salutation, a complimentary closing, name in letter and signature.

The following is a rough format of the preceding:

Address of the sender





Address of the receiver




Subject: …………………………….

Sir/Ma’am, (The Salutation)

Letter’s body elaborating the reason for complaint and letter

Thank you

Yours faithfully, (Complimentary Closing)


The Name in Blocked Letters

Moreover, a complaint letter is drafted with the main objective of establishing a solution for the issue in question that is yet to be addresses. There have been several issues that people have faced and complaining about the same to the relevant authorities is the sole way of solving the said issues.

Furthermore, when drafting a complaint letter, one should ensure that the problem is stated concisely and clearly. One should not exaggerate the details in the complaint letter. Further, the letter should contain the challenges experienced owing to the issue in question. Moreover, the letter should specify how the relevant authorities could solve the problem in question. It is also significant to avoid expressing sarcasm and anger in the complaint letter.

Also, the most significant aspect in a letter is the difficulty. One should ensure that they elaborate the issue and state the gravity of the situation. One should also include the originals and copies of the papers that may serve as evidence.

Understanding a Complaint Letter

People often purchase products and they turn out defective. Some of the public services are also dissatisfying. Moreover, one may realize a challenging practice that is happening in a public location. Most of these times, people fail to take the necessary action in dire situation since the problem fails to be accorded the relevant attention. The preceding increases the levels of negligence among wrongdoers. Therefore, the most significant manner to deal with such issues is ensure that one raises their voice by drafting a complaint letter to the relevant authorities. At times, the relevant entity could fail to be aware of the problematic matters which make the time convenient to report the same.

A complaint letter is a form of letter that is drafted to deal with any form of wrongs, hatred and grievance. The letter is also useful in raising the concerns regarding unfair happenings and seeking productive results. It is everyone’s right as well as duty to seek out justice in the event of the perpetration of injustice. The first step towards doing the preceding is the drafting of a complaint letter. In the event the same is not addressed, the aggrieved party can go ahead and file a complaint. The same serves as an inspiration to the consumers that are troubled. It also influences the relevant authorities to take the relevant action and makes the defaulting parties responsive, responsible and liable.

A complaint letter can be of the following types:

  1. Personal Complaint Letter. The type of complaint letter that is drafted on an individual level concerning the grievances of the individual is often known as an individual complaint letter.
  2. Professional Complaint Letter. This is a form of complaint letter that is normally drafted on behalf od an entity regarding issues that affect the entire entity.

Various Topics in a Complaint letter

  1. The defective or incomplete orders
  2. The abnormal delays in sharing a consignment
  3. The goods arriving in a poor condition
  4. The goods are fundamentally different from those that were ordered
  5. The quantity of goods does not match what was ordered
  6. The goods are delivered at the wrong location
  7. The work done is not satisfactory
  8. The misbehavior of the salesman and staff
  9. A mishap in the preparation of an invoice
  10. Defective packaging may result in the damage of product on the move
  11. Mishaps on reminders or bills for the payment after a bill is paid
  12. Other aspects including wrongful acts perpetrated in public; reckless driving; subjecting street dogs to poor treatment, among others.

General Sample of a Complaint Letter

  1. The address of the sender. The address of the sender is normally placed on the very top section and left hand of the corner sheet.
  2. The date. The address of the sender is normally followed by an indication of the date below it. This is on the left section of the page. The date is normally on the one in which the letter is being drafted. The same ought to be drafted in expanded format.
  3. The address of the receiver. Whether the term “To’ should be indicated is a preference of the drafter. One should ensure that the name, title of position of the recipient official is the first address line.
  4. Salutation. This section includes greeting the person being addresses in the complaint letter. One should also bear in mind that the official letter hence the greetings should not be too personal and should be respectful. Moreover, the general salutations should be used in formal letters such as “madam” or “sir”.
  5. Subject. This presents a summary of the main purpose of drafting the letter. This is mostly done in one line. Such aids the receiver to focus on the letter’s subject in a glance. It is also significant to ensure that the subject is underlined for emphasis.
  6. Body. The preceding presents the letter’s main content. It is normally either categorized into several paragraphs is the letter is the main briefer. Moreover, the tone of the complaint letter should be official. A party should also avoid using a language that is offensive. Also, the letter should be specific and bring out the main issue. The complaint letter’s language should be respectful and very considerate.  

Specific Example of a Complaint letter


City, State, ZIP Code

(Email Address, if sharing the same through email)


Name of the Contact Person


Name of the Company

Complaint Division of the Consumer

Address of the Street

City, State, ZIP Code

Dear.. (Name of Organization or Person)

Re: (applicable account number)

On (day and date), I (repaired, rented, bought, and leased) a (product’s name, with model or serial number and service performed) at (the location as well as other significant aspects of the transaction)

However, the (service or product) you offered did not perform as expected and the service was not adequate since (problem or situation). I am dissatisfied since (elaborate the issue: for instance, the product underperforms; the service was not adequately provided; I was charged a faulty amount; there were omissions and misrepresentations)

To solve the issue, I will appreciate if you (provide for the particular action that is required: repair, swoping, refund of money, charge credit card, etc). Please find enclosed the copies (do not share the originals) of my personal records (include guarantees, receipts, contracts, checks, warranties, serial and model numbers, among other documents).

I anticipate the resolution and reply to my issue and shall wait till (provide a limit of time) prior to resorting to seek aid from Better Business Bureau or any other consumer protection entity. Kindly reach out to me on the above-provide address or on my phone at (office and home numbers with the code of the area).



(Enclosure (s) )

Samples of Complaint Letters

  1. Sample 1 of the Complaint Letter- Bad Maintenance of the Garden and Inappropriate Disposal of Waste


Subject: A Complaint Letter entailing the gross maintenance of the garden as well as inappropriate disposal of waste.


I am XXX, a resident of XXX. I write this complaint letter to notify you of the decreased maintenance of the garden situated near our residential place and the inappropriate waste disposal. The garden that surrounds the residential place was often watered, and the shrubs were cut and neatly maintained at the beginning. It is a month since any form of significant maintenance was effected on the garden. We have all attempted to contact the people in charge but all the efforts have proven to be in vain.

Another main concern is the issue of disposal of waste. There were various people from the entity of collecting waste for disposing after two days. Nonetheless, it has been past a week since the waste was collected from our residential area. The preceding has resulted in waste accumulating and people have began dumping at the street’s corner since they did not have any choice. Please assess the same and maintain the garden since if the preceding ignorance continues, the residential area will be a huge mess. I would thus appreciate informing all the residents that all waste shall be collected and not dispose them at corners of the street.

Thank you in advance

Yours faithfully,



  • Sample 2 of the Complaint Letter- Receipt of Damaged Product


EGC Colony



Customer Service Department


Subject: Complaint Letter on the receipt of damaged product

Sir/ Ma’am,

I initially bought a red dress from your online shop. I received it today morning and then attempted to file a request for return since the size of the dress was smaller than the one I ordered. Moreover, the right side of the dress is torn. However, my request for return is not going through. Whenever I trying doing so on your website, the page gets stuck or is redirected to another. I have also attempted to severally and I was unable to make the return request successfully. Kindly confirm and inform me of whether the return request was successfully filed for order number 2308. If the same is not successful, please inform me of the next step to enable me return the dress and have it swoped for another.

Also, please find attached the photographs of the destroyed section of the top as well as beginner video for the reference.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,



  • Sample C of the Complaint LetterInstalling New Street Lights


Subject: Complaint Letter Relating to the Installation of the Novel Street Lights in my Residential Area


I write to inform you that we currently have no street lights in my area and the same has been a big problem given the fact that the weather is rainy. Thus, it has been challenging for those that travel through the area since it is extremely dark during the night. Moreover, with the constant rains, the place easily floods. Moreover, it has been challenging for one to drive since the roads are damaged and there have been numerous accidents owing to the same. I thus request that you take the relevant steps and install street lights in the area since it poses much danger if left in that condition.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,