I am writing in reference to the unlawful termination of my services at your Company. I have been working as a Software Architect in your company. I am a woman approaching my 50s in the next few years.


First, I highly appreciate the fact that I worked in your respectable Company. Working with your Company gave me an opportunity to exercise my skills and advance my career. However, I would like to state that I find my Manager at fault for terminating my employment in such a manner. 


The subject matter giving rise to this letter happened when my recent work performance was greatly appreciated on all levels, causing a lot of insecurity to my immediate Manager and other higher-ranking officers. Notably, my Manager and I had some intense argument about my role, and the Manager started questioning my motives behind my excellent performance. Besides, I was indirectly harassed by the few team members instigated by my Manager, and they made many troubling remarks about my LinkedIn profile. 


The circumstances leading to my termination culminated when I was on medical leave for a couple of weeks due to stress. Immediately on return from the medical leave, my Manager called me and fired me on phone giving some reference about the training protocol I missed under my earlier Manager. It is worth noting that I had missed the earlier training protocol due to Covid. At that time, I was experiencing some brain fog during recovery that made me miss deadlines. Most notably, this issue was addressed with sympathy by my first Manager. It follows; my new Manager maliciously and/or erroneously used six-month-old reference to fire me.


It is a well-laid principle of natural justice that one should be accorded fairness and equal treatment in all associations of life. Besides, it is immoral and unethical for an employee to be treated unfairly and/or unjustly by reason of the employee’s impeccable work record. 


It follows, this letter serves as my complaint and notifies you of the circumstances that led to my unfair dismissal. Accordingly, I demand that you take necessary action that is fair and just to remedy my unfair dismissal. 


If you do not comply with this request, I will be forced to pursue legal action, which would be detrimental and injurious to your Company’s reputation. 


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.






[Your Address]


CC to:




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