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This letter serves as my formal complaint about the toxic work environment that is characterised
by harassment and discrimination. It also serves as a formal notification of my resignation from
my position as officer with Citi-Bank.
I have been an employee of Citi Bank for 11.5 years. First, I thank Citi Bank for providing me an
opportunity to grow and develop my career throughout my time at the company.
Since I began working with the company, I have faithfully and dutifully carried all of my
obligations and/or duties with utmost care and professionalism. However, recently, I have
observed that the work environment is becoming more toxic.
The events that lead to my complaints herein began several months ago, when I raised issues
with the Singapore management regarding power and sexual harassment. Apparently, the
management has not taken any action or at least addressed my concerns. Just last week, I
received an anonymous letter telling me many things said about me behind my back. To my
disappointment, I realized that our HR manager Fug san is also involved in the whole gossip.
Accordingly, I have lost all my confidence and faith in the Singapore management.
Employers have a duty to ensure all employees work in a conducive environment. First, at
common law, an employer owes to each employee a duty to take reasonable care for his or her
safety in all the circumstances of the case so as not to expose him or her to unnecessary risk. See
Zakaria bin Putra Ali v Low Keng Huat Construction Co (S) Pte Ltd, unreported, Suit No 1140
of 1991, 23 November 1993 (HC, Singapore). Next, Section 12 of the Workplace Safety and
Health Act provides in pertinent part that “it is the duty of every employer to take, so far as is
reasonably practicable, such measures as are necessary to ensure the safety and health of the
employer’s employees at work”.
Further, employers should be aware of the Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace
Harassment that was issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the National Trades Union Congress,
and the Singapore National Employers (“the Advisory”). The Advisory prescribes measures that
employers would use to ensure a safer workplace, as well as remedial actions in the event of
harassment in the workplace. Specifically, the Advisory provides in that regard that “workplaces
should be safe and free from harassment so that employees can carry out their work
productively… It is useful for employers to establish a set of common values to guide the way

that their employees work with clients, with each other and within the organisation.” The
Advisory further recommends values that employers should consider in maintaining a healthy
work environment including mutual respect, people-centeredness, empathy, and cultural
understanding. Lastly, the Advisory encourages employers to develop and implement measures
to manage harassment at the workplace. Such measures include zero tolerance, leadership
commitment, inclusion, holistic management, early prevention, confidentiality, neutrality, non-
retaliation, and accountability.
Unfortunately, the local management has fallen short of the expectations in the aforesaid
provisions. The management seems to be pointing out the fault of all employees and find no fault
on their end. Herein below, I have described in pertinent detail, instances of harassment and
discrimination, which impeded my service and experience in the company.

1)      Sexual Harassment
Section 1(1) of the Protection from Harassment Act provides that: “A person must not pursue a
course of conduct that amounts to harassment of another, and which he knows or ought to know
amounts to harassment of the other.
Further, sexual harassment occurs when a harasser touches or grabs his victim, or intentionally
brushes his body against hers. The harasser may also restrain the victim’s free movement to
importune or molest her. Such acts can constitute trespasses to the victim’s person. “The
fundamental principle, plain and uncontestable, is that every person’s body is inviolate.” See
Collins v Wilcock [1984] 3 All ER 374 at 378.
I have highlighted to head office that JR had once slapped my thighs, but it was left unattended
after the meeting with the Lawyer. I have an eyewitness that JR san slapped my thighs, and I am
not the only victim on this issue.

2)      Moral Harassment
Article 9(1) of the Constitution of Singapore provides that “no person shall be deprived of his
life or personal liberty save in accordance with law”. In construing the meaning of “life” in
Article 9(1), the Kuala Lumpur Court of Appeal, in construing Article 5(1) of the Federal
Constitution which is identical to Singapore’s Article 9(1), held that the word did not refer to
mere existence but “incorporates all those facets that are an integral part of life itself and those
matters which go to form the quality of life.” Accordingly, the right to life therefore includes
protection of the health and strength of workers, and just and humane conditions of work.
Further, at common law, a person commits the tort of intimidation, which is akin to moral
harassment, if he delivers a threat to another person that he will commit an act or use means
unlawful against that person, as a result of which the other person acts or refrains from doing
some act which he is entitled to do, thereby causing damage to himself. See Morgan v Fry [1968]
2 QB 710 at 724.

2.1 Negative influence to inflict biased opinions on colleagues.
Fug san tried to influence new joiner Li that Flower and I are prone to making mistakes. I am not
sure where Fug san got this information, but participating in gossiping or trying to influence
employees to have a negative opinion of other employees is morally unethical of any HR
2.1.1 Workplace bullying and gossip
Fug san also allows her teammate, 438 san, to tell one of the ex-employees (Json san) not to trust
Andy san and my words because we are known as gossipers in this company. This type of
influencing tactic of workplace bullying and gossiping is similar to what was mentioned in 2.1.
438 san motive is to create tension in the manager-subordinate relationship between Andy san
and Json san. I hope HQ does not turn a blind eye to a hostile workplace contributed by our HR
manager Fug san. I hope that Citibank can enact policies to apply consistently across our
organisation. Although Andy has lodged a formal complaint regarding 438 san to Fug san, the
issue was not dealt with appropriately; I did not receive any written apology from Jex san over
this incident.
2.2 The professionalism of HR is in doubt
I have witnessed Fug san laughing at Cro san comment that LCL san needs plastic surgery. As an
HR professional, your first response is to warn the employee making the unacceptable remark;
instead, Fug san responded by laughing loudly and sharing the joke with her teammates. A
couple of employees witnessed this. I hope HO can investigate this matter.
2.3 Attrition rate
The attrition rate of the Singapore branch went up substantially. Instead of reflecting on what
was happening on the ground, Fug san tried to downplay the seriousness of the high attrition rate.
LCL San told me that he heard from Fug San mentioning staff quitting their job as he raised his
concern regarding the merging, but in return, he shared with us that Fug told him the company
might be happy with natural attrition. Fug San said this way is better for the company because
the company doesn’t have to force staff to quit or cut through layoffs. This sentence alone scares
many of us, causing us to look for new opportunities.
3)      Power Harassment
Article 12(1) of the Constitution lays down the general principle that people who are in a similar
position with respect to the law are to be treated by the law in the same manner. Article 12(2)
goes on to prohibit among other things, discrimination in public employment on the grounds of
religion, race, decent or place of birth, or any other ground.

3.1 Request employee to work even on hospitalisation leave
JR san asked me to issue an invoice to the customer at 8 pm (email can be attached upon request
to prove that I sent the invoice for his perusal) even though I was on hospitalisation leave due to
hyperemesis gravidarum. I was still lying in the hospital, and I couldn’t believe JR didn’t know
that the company would be in great trouble if I reported this incident to MOM.
3.2 Invasion of privacy
JR san often called me after 7 pm, and there were a few occasions where he called me after 10
pm. In other countries, this is prohibited. JR san often asked me suggestive questions like what I
usually do with my husband at home and what will we do when my parents take care of my
There were occasions when JR asked if Cat san was going out with his boyfriend. I believe either
Kaya san or Mata san were present were JR asked such questions.
JR announced to the whole team that Json had gone to our competitor Orix; he wrote an email to
inform us of this matter. This is an adult working environment. Is this appropriate for a GM to
make such an announcement to the team when Json doesn’t want anyone to know which
company he joined? JR san said that he got the information from Fug san through her contact. I
am sorry, I don’t know whose’s story is reliable, but still, the confidentiality of an employee
should be respected, even if it is an ex-employee.
3.3 Biased treatment and withholding information from MD and HQ
Ade san lost the due date control list for telecom and several NDA, but JR san chose to take
cover for her instead of reporting the incident to management.
There was an incident where the due date control went missing for Trio, but JR san chose to hide
the information from MD. It is under our guidelines that annual reviews must be done on time.
Even a non-credit person like myself knows that withholding such information is an operational
risk; what if there is adverse news and we did not inform HQ on time?
There was once the credit rating was updated wrongly by Json san, but JR san forced Andy to
amend it during his portfolio report to HQ.
3.4 Discrimination
During my pregnancy, JR questioned me why I had never collected insurance from the customer
for transparent since 2019; however, he should be aware that this was not my customer until
2021, which I inherited from LCL san in 2020. As a leader, JR will always find excuses and
scapegoats for his lapse in work. JR san working style is entirely different from hor san, the ex-
boss that I genuinely respect.

When Json quit, I expressed my interest to JR san that I like to join the credit team. However, JR
brushed me aside and said I was too old to learn credit. Is this not constituting age
discrimination? He said that my English is not good enough to write a credit paper. Does HQ
also feel that my English is very bad?
In conclusion, I have realised that all the issues can’t be resolved in Citibank. For that reason, I
have decided to raise awareness to HQ and lodge an official whistleblowing complaint to the
local management in Singapore. This has taken a toll on my mental health and I have taken all
this in silence for the past 2 years. Citibank is always a place that I have always wanted to work
in until I retire.
The Singapore office is aware of most of the points that I highlighted above. Since no action has
been taken against the perpetrator, I have lost all my confidence working in this company due to
the local management. I wish to have peace of mind when looking for a new job. Hence, I would
like to make the following requests:
1) That the Singapore management will not know which company I joined,
2) That any future letter addressed to me should be given to the Singapore executive
management, even if it is attention to the Human Resource department,
3) That the company will issue me a release letter with only the following information:
i. My employment dates,
ii. My external and internal job title,
iii. I resigned on my own accord
iv. The company is not aware that I have violated any rules with the Monetary
Authority of Singapore.

4) To avoid any miscommunication or avoidance of doubt, the company should explain to
my future employer that it is the company’s policy not to give any reference check to any

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

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