The Law Society of BC Canada,

I am requesting the assistance of your office to conduct a joint comprehensive investigation into a matter involving a condominium belonging to [NAME OF THE DECEASED], the deceased. I am Twan Ping Chen, the father of the deceased and the assigned probate administrator of her estate and also one of the beneficiaries. I currently reside in Taiwan.

I would like to make a formal complaint against RCMP who I believe conducted their mandate improperly.

The mortgagee passed on, on the 8th of March, 2020 in an accident. She owned a condominium located at Port Conquitlam British Colombia, Canada. From 11th March to 5th June, 2020, RCMP blocked access to the condo for 85 days. On the 18th March, 2020, representatives for the deceased were selected and assigned. On the 21st of April, 2020, the deceased last will and testament was read and the parents of the deceased were recognized as beneficiaries. On the 10th of June, 2020, my daughter’s condominium was cleaned and was well secured. Since it was not an abandoned condominium, it would not be possible for any of us to change the lock in any way. However, the RCMP changed the locks denying access to the property for a period of 236 days without permission. All property related fee had been paid by then.

Between 11th April and 8th September, RCMP intentionally ignored the legal position of the beneficiaries in matters related to the mortgage. The RCMP sent mails to the deceased as from June 2020. RCMP posted mails to deceased asking for immediate payout through a demand letter dated [DATE] instead of posting a mail to either of the recognized beneficiaries. On 28th September, 2020, the RCMP denied beneficiary payout request and insisted on foreclosure. The reason given behind the foreclosure decision was due to the grant of probate administrator which is in fact unrelated to mortgage payout which takes 4-6 months according to the law.

On [DATE], [NAME] dishonestly took a sum of $240, 000 (Two hundred and forty thousand dollars) instead of $ 2800 (two thousand eight hundred dollars) as mortgage settlement fee. The mortgage is valued at 120,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand dollars). RCMP accelerated foreclosure so as to obtain an Order Absolute to transfer the deceased condominium title. The market value of the condominium is estimated at $370,000 (three hundred and seventy thousand dollars). In British Colombia, the default redemption period is six months. On the 12th of November, 2020, petition by the RCMP was made to the Supreme Court so as to obtain the order absolute and a redemption timeline of only a day which is contrary to the BC law and equity Act of redemption which gives a grace period of up to 6 months.

As beneficiaries, we have incurred losses which should have been avoided. Apart from the emotional distress that we’ve experienced through the actions of the RCMP and the loss of our daughter, we’ve lost $20k extra payout cost including attorney fees, $12k condominium rental loss and 236 days of pain and suffering due to the inaccessibility of our daughter’s property.

All the necessary documents and receipts have been attached to this complaint as evidence to ascertain the claims made herein.

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