Complaint against Detective Allison

Barbora Klima Bratova

667 Karlsfeld Road

Waterloo, ON

January 6, 2022

Re: Complaint against Detective Allison

To whomever this may concern,

I hereby submit this formal complaint against Detective Allison, stationed with the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS). This complaint revolves around the events that occurred sometime from December 1, 2017. 

On or about December 1, 2017, our then 8-week-old baby, Eduard Klima, suddenly and without warning collapsed for reasons unknown to us at the time. We immediately called 911 and an ambulance was urgently dispatched to our home. Our son was soon rushed to Grant River Hospital for treatment and was wrongfully diagnosed as being the victim of child abuse. This is not and has never been the case as both my son and his twin sister have been afflicted with health issues. Both of our children have suffered from a metabolic bone disease of infancy (infantile rickets) and at the age of 8 weeks, our son developed Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), a condition that caused clotting in his brain that led to his collapse. Furthermore, our developed seizures while receiving treatment at the hospital. 

Upon our child’s recovery, Detective Allison engaged our 4-year-old son and proceeded to ask the child leading questions solely suggesting harm and abuse allegedly caused by the father. The child’s answers were then used against the child’s father to investigate the father.

I was equally interviewed by Detective Allison, during which interview I clearly stated discomfort as the interview was proceeding under duress. Despite my reservations, Detective Allison nonetheless proceeded to interview me and question my husband’s alleged harm and abuse to our child. 

Sometimes in January 2018, the false allegations of child abuse led to criminal charges against my husband. This was a devastating accusation that threatened to destroy what little paradise we shared as a family. Consequently, my husband was required to give notice each time he was to travel out of the country and also share any information regarding a change of address, if any. My husband dutifully complied this requirement and contacted Detective Allison each time whenever he was obliged to do so. In the event that my husband was unable to directly speak with Detective Allison, he would leave a voice mail message divulging the necessary information.

As time went by, Detective Allison was transferred to a different department. Detective Allison failed to update my husband that he no longer works in the same department. He equally failed to share information of his phone number and/or the person who my husband was to contact in his absence. When we relocated from 93 Dinison Crescent (after he had been forced to move out of our house on 667 Karlsfeld) to 6 Highland Road in Kitchener in February 2018, my husband immediately contacted Detective Allison. To my husband’s surprise, the call was received by someone who was not Detective Allison. The recipient informed my husband that Det Allison had been transferred and the recipient was not aware of his new posting. My husband kindly requested the recipient to forward his message to Detective Allison.

Consequent of Detective Allison’s oversight, my husband was arrested and detained in order to answer to a show-cause hearing. Due to Detective Allison’s oversight, my husband’s daily routine and operations were thrown into disarray for reasons beyond his control, knowledge and information.

Following the above interview, I approached the WRPS and requested for a copy of the investigation report. I was charged a sum of $205 to receive a copy of the report. When I attempted to review the report, I was shocked to discover that over 80% of the report was redacted. I was heavily disappointed because at no point was it indicated that I may receive a redacted report. I was led to believe that by paying the %205, I will receive a complete legible report. Following the deception, I requested a refund of the monies spent to obtain the report as the redacted report was of little to no benefit to my family and I. The refund has been denied to me to date.

I have enclosed with this complaint supporting documents and information to verify the facts and grounds of this complaint against Detective Allison.

My family and I are aggrieved by the actions of Detective Allison. First, because Detective Allison forcefully conducted a police interview where without there being an arrest or there existing a proper cause for an arrest. Second, Detective Allison conducted an interview on a minor without proper authority and the interview was conducted in such a manner that already inferred guilt on the part of my husband and the father of our children. The inference was inappropriately fed into our child’s mind as he was being interviewed. This led to false information and false charges against my husband, which charges were inevitably lifted against my husband.

I urge that your good office commence an investigation into the conduct and behaviour of Detective Allison.

Yours faithfully,

Barbora Klima Bratova.

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