Hello I’m looking to file an complaint against a debt collector for an Car injunction. Are you available to assist?

Okay thank you and its really not much because I just purchased the car. Can you allow me some time to get everything scan and i will send right over

I purchased a car on October 15, 2021 from 500 Below Cars. I asked them were they going to run my credit to determine if I was approved or not. I was told no and that my job was my credit, however they did ask for my social security number. Which indicates to me that a Consumer Credit Transaction was going to take place. However I knew they would still require a down payment and in order for me to get a car I had to follow their procedures. So I ended up getting approved for a 400 monthly car note payment car, with the down payment of 800.00 plus an additional 155.00 for insurance. The following day I sent in my right to recession letter, they did receive but they told me that it had no lawful obligation to my contract! However pursuant to TILA Truth and Lending 15 USC 1635 a consumer has the right to recession within 3 days after a contract is signed. So Im wanting to go ahead a file my complaint for Injunction of my vehicle.