This is an embezzlement and fraud complaint against Mr. Price.  Mr. Price works with the local law enforcement, and he is part of the law enforcement community in Panama City, Florida. Mr. Price has used his trust account to take money that does not belong to him. Mr. Price uses JL Evans to help him channel the money over to the Price law firm. Recently, Brian Keopke, a Gulf Coast Representation (Gulf Coast Representation LLC. is a claim preparation company that helps claimants file claims to BP. Killgore Brick Pavers and Tile Inc) client, signed an agreement with us. The funds from the agreement were deposited in Mr. Price’s trust account. Mr. Price has an obligation to pay Ali Salman/ Gulf Coast Representation LLC. the fees for the claim preparation work, but he has not done so.

Secondly, we won a civil judgment against him around 30th November 2016, and he made us incur around $ 4,000 for attorney fees because he didn’t want to pay money in his trust account. Mr. Price’s history is tainted with unscrupulously taking money that does not belong to him. I have filed a police report for the losses incurred, and he has filed one in return. I hope action is taken by making this complaint, so he doesn’t do this to anyone else. I hope you will help me put an end to this terror.

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