The Company vehicle driver shall follow the policies and procedures outlined below. The Company may withdraw its consent to allow a driver to operate the Company vehicle at their discretion. 

Reference to the “Driver” herein shall include the Company’s Employees and Contractors.

A Driver shall:

  • Use the car exclusively for the Company working purposes and not for personal use;
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license;
  • Drive safely;
  • Never drive while under the influence;
  • Obey all traffic laws;
  • Respect fellow road users;
  • Notify the Company if their license is suspended, revoked, canceled, disqualified, or expires;
  • While driving, use using cell phones or other communication devices;
  • Not allow an unauthorized driver(s) to use their company vehicle;
  • Not lease, sell or lend a company car. Specifically, they shall not sublease or sub hire the car for uber, lyft, or food delivery service;
  • Report damages or problems with their company car to the Company a timely manner;
  • Will not leave the company car unattended or in a risky area;
  • Keep an eye on the car to ensure it is functioning properly;
  • Use the vehicle responsibly and be liable for any damages to it while operating it; however, reasonable wear and tear is accepted;
  • Not use the car for any illegal activity; 
  • Not smoke in the car;and
  • Promptly notify the Company when involved in a car accident. Unless authorized by the Company, they should accept responsibility or guarantee payment for an accident. They must follow all legal guidelines in exchanging information with other drivers and call the police where applicable.

The Company shall:

  • Before assigning company car (s), check their safety;
  • Plan regular maintenance to keep all cars in top shape; 
  • Insure company car(s) with a reputable company; and 
  • Not be liable for
  1. Fuel expenses incurred by the Driver while operating the Company vehicle.
  2. Paying traffic fines for a driver while using the car.
  3. Paying bail for a driver arrested while driving a company car.
  4. Personal injury.
Signed by the duly authorized representative of the COMPANY
Signed by the DRIVER

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