December 8, 2023


This Commission Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered
into on this ________ day of __________ 20__by and between
___________________________ (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), and
__________________________________(hereinafter referred to as the “Agent”).
Together referred to as “parties.”
WHEREAS the parties agree to be mutually bound by the terms and obligations
provided hereunder; –
1. Purpose.
Parties agree that the company is a PPV streaming company that sells tickets to
sporting events for sports leagues, and agent will work to; –
i. Secure a signed contract (minimum 1 year)
ii. Secure a positive cash flow with proceeds that are greater than expenses
iii. Make sure PPV sales proceeds accrue with Playful screen.
2. Term.
The parties agree that the provisions of this agreement shall be indefinite until
otherwise terminated by either party as provided in this agreement.
3. Payment.
The parties agree that the agent shall receive 15% of the gross PPV sales.
The payments shall be done once per month and calculated at the end of each
month, concluding at the end of the hockey season.
Parties herein agree and acknowledge that the above mentioned fee is based and
conditioned upon the successful work by the agent stated in clause 1 above.
4. Dispute Resolution.
If there arises any dispute regarding the provisions of this agreement, the same shall
be negotiated in the first instance between the parties; if it fails, the argument shall
be taken to litigation in accordance with the applicable laws.
5. Termination.
Either party to this agreement may terminate the terms herein at any moment without
the issuance of a notice or any reason as long as there is no Referral.
6. Non-Disclosure.
The parties acknowledge that during the performance of their obligations under this
agreement, they will come into contact with confidential information, trade secrets,
and intellectual property to which they acknowledge and agree not to disclose to any
third parties without the prior written consent from the other party.
7. Governing Law.

The laws of ________________ shall govern the terms and provisions of this
8. Modification.
The parties herein may only modify or amend the terms herein by the same being
reduced into writing and signed by both parties willingly.
9. Waiver.
The parties agree that no waiver of the rights under this agreement shall be
construed as a continuing waiver or as a consent to any future or subsequent
10. Entire Agreement.
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties herein and
supersedes any prior oral or written agreements or promises.
11. Severability.
Suppose any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a
court of competent jurisdiction. In that case, the same shall be severed from this
agreement, and the remaining provisions shall continue in existence and full force
and effect.
12. Acceptance.
By the parties signing herein below, they accept to be legally bound by the terms and
provisions of this agreement.
By the Company: –

By the Agent: –

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