Comments about the Agreement.

In Clause I – “AS IS condition” This protects you as the Seller because once you have agreed on the final price, you and the Buyer will not have to negotiate further on things like the cost of repairs.

On the price of the property- Only question I have is did you have a property valuer look at the property so as to determine the current market value of your property? If not then maybe you should consider it to make sure you are getting the best value of the property before you settle.

Any taxes- This is in order, it is your responsibility as the Seller to make sure that the Property has no loans, liens or unpaid taxes before it is transferred to the Buyer. In case there are unpaid taxes, or loans secured on the property, you as the Seller should pay them before the sale transaction is completed. This is to protect the Buyer because once the property transfers from you to the Buyer they shall be responsible for all unpaid taxes, liens etc.

Property sold “as is” with no warranties implied or stated from seller- This means you shall not, after the contract has been signed, make any more requests as about the payment.

Seller providing a clear title to the Buyer- It is your responsibility to check with the relevant authorities and ensure that there are no legal issues attached to the property. This goes back to paying off all undue taxes, loans etc.

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