This agreement is entered into on the ……………day of …………………….2021 between Being Family Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) pf the first part and MPower Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Client’) of the second part

WHEREAS the company and the client agree to enter into this contract and become bound under the terms and conditions set herein for a number of coaching sessions as follows:


The purpose of the coaching relationship is to support the clients with the coaching sessions to be conducted via live coaching on zoom as follows:

  1. June 6: 11-1 pm PT
  2. June 27: 11-1 pm PT
  3. July 11: 11-1 pm PT
  4. July 25: 11-1 pm PT
  5. August 8: 11-1 pm PT
  6. August 22: 11-1 pm PT

The company will run the course with a minimum participant number of 12 per session, with the company charging a flat rate of $500 per student with the total amount being $ 6000.After two weeks from the start of the coaching sessions, the company will be at liberty to disengage any inactive participants from the training sessions. The students’ enrollment falls below the minimum class participant of 12, and it will be upon the client to fill those positions and ensure the company is paid the expected amount.

Any additional student beyond the 12 participant mark will mean that the client will add a sum of $500 regardless of the signup date, which shall be payable to the company and shall be billed at the end of the course.

  • The company shall be responsible for the management of the class sessions,
  • The company undertakes to ensure there is regular coaching supervision.
  • The company shall be expected to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s data, including the terms of this agreement.
  • The client, on the other hand will be expected to ensure that the students attend the training sessions as agreed.
  • The client I will be expected to select those eligible and submits student’s names for the training sessions.
  • The total cost of the coaching shall be met by the client upon the terms and conditions set herein without fail.

The company agrees to keep all conversations and information about the client confidential as allowable under the applicable laws. No personal information that is shared pursuant to this agreement shall be shared without the client’s express permission.


If any of the terms herein becomes invalidated in any way by applicable law or otherwise, then such provision shall become void and shall not in any way affect the contract in its entirety. The contract shall be construed and enforced accordingly save for the specific provision voided.


In case of any dispute between the parties herein, such dispute shall be solved through the use of ADR mechanisms with the arbitral award being enforced within a court of jurisdiction in the state of ………………………


This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties herein and concerning the subject matter listed. This agreement supersedes any prior oral or written agreement between the parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereby caused their signatures to be affixed in this agreement on the date first written above.



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