Dear Sir/Madam,

The above subject refers. As you are aware, I have been working with your organization as the
Principal at Uplift Elevate for nine (9) years and has been a dedicated and committed employee
during this time. I am writing to you to make a notice of claims while referencing the following
laws: Whistleblowing Act Retaliation, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964-OCR complaint
(Racial Discrimination), Americans with Disabilities Act, National Defense Authorization Act/
(Department of Education, Office of Special Counsel Complaint Prohibited Personnel Practices),
Privacy Information Act and Texas Public Information Act, and the Hatch Act.
However, following the reporting of gross negligence by our SPED Coordinator and failure to
comply with federal education laws, I have faced disparate treatment as a black woman,
compared to the treatment that 5 white women and 1 white man (Senior Director of Special
Education, the Special Education Area Coordinator, The Special Education Coordinator, Special
Education Teacher’s assistant and The Senior Director of Academic Support) have received.
Details of all disparate treatment are as follows:
 When I attempted to file a grievance against the Senior Director of Special Education for
referring to me as vocal and divisive (microaggressions) no actions were taken and I
was told I would make myself a target.
 When I reported gross negligence by our SPED Coordinator and failure to comply with
federal education laws, specifically Americans with Disabilities Act on multiple
occasions, no corrective actions were taken.
 When I reported that the Special Education Coordinator and the Area Coordinator said
that they were auditing special education logs although the entire SPED staff confirmed
that there were no special education service logs, no action was taken.
 When I attempted to reprimand a SPED teacher assistant for not following directives,
adhering to her schedule, making the SPED classroom unsafe, I was asked not to take
action but rather to have a conversation about it (Reference is made to the copies of
email correspondences attached).
 When I shared my concerns with HR regarding bias and microaggressions found in a
podcast sent to me by the Senior Director of Academic Support there was no follow-up.
In a meeting with HR and the Senior Director of Academic Support I was told that I have
to make my intent known and I have evidence of such (Refer to the email
correspondence attached).

 14 Days after disclosing that I would be reporting issues within Special Education to the
Texas Education Agency I was placed on leave without any consideration of my work
 When asked why I was being placed on leave I never received a clear answer.
Management stated that there were complaints about me being aggressive and accused
me of creating a hostile work environment. Later management said I was on leave due
to allegations of professional misconduct. I was told that if I reported allegation to Texas
Education Agency that I would also be investigated.
 During my re-entry meeting, I was asked to come in for questioning, where I was given
insufficient notice and there was no member of Human Resources present.
 Prior to disclosing my grievance to Texas Education Agency I was invited to a
conference in Chicago. After the disclosure I was told it was sold out although all invited
parties attended but me.
 The network implemented an initiative to conduct “skip level meetings” with all Academic
Directors (Principals). This meeting allowed all directors to provide feedback to the chief
of schools. My skip level meeting was never scheduled.
 Due to being on leave I wasn’t allowed to apply for the continuous learner grant.
 I was ranked below expectation on performance evaluation for the first time with no
supporting evidence.
 Texas Education Agency Investigative Report substantiated all allegations demonstrating
that this was not a relational issue it was about ethics, compliance and most importantly
serving our kids.
 I was issued a written warning for unprofessional communication with the Director of
Legal and the Director of SPED. The warning stated that I was not collaborative however
there is long history of receipts detailing violations of Title IX processes and IDEA. In
addition, false information has been shared by both parties numerous times (See
attached the email correspondence evidencing the same).
 Furthermore, I would like to point out that I have received two written warnings in
February without cause, which I believe is an act of retaliation (See attached).
The actions taken by your organization against me constitute illegal and discriminatory behavior,
which is not only harmful to my professional reputation but has caused me emotional distress
including anxiety and depression. I am protected under various employment, civil, and
discrimination laws in the US, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits
employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Additionally, I
would like to bring to your attention that retaliation against an employee in response to
whistleblowing activity is strictly prohibited under federal and state laws including the
Whistleblower Protection Act. I have the right and legal protection to report any wrongdoing or
unethical activity without any fear of retaliation or discrimination.

In light of these circumstances, I demand that I be properly compensated for any losses,
damages, and distress incurred due to the discrimination and retaliation faced at the hands of
the organization. I also demand that your organization takes immediate corrective actions to put
an end to the retaliatory and discriminatory behaviour, failure of which this letter formally places
you on notice of the legal requirements of discrimination and retaliation and expect you to
honour such requirements.
Unless the aforementioned issues are resolved to put an end to the retaliatory and discriminator,
It is in the best interests of both parties to resolve this matter within (INSERT NUMBER OF
DAYS], failure of which it shall be my right to pursue any and all available legal and equitable
remedies, including but not limited to instituting a civil suit against you.

[Your Name]

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