July 9, 2023



  1.                        Plaintiff ___________, (“the Plaintiff”), files this Complaint, against Municipalities, (“the defendant”), and alleges the following:

                                               NATURE OF ACTION                                                                                                                         2.                     This is a civil action for, tort of false imprisonment arising out of the Defendant’s actions of bringing a capias against the Plaintiff for a closed case. Accordingly, the Plaintiff seeks aggravated damages and all other reliefs offered by law.

                                                 THE PARTIES

  3.                        The Plaintiff is _______________________

  4.                        The Defendant is the Municipal of ____________

                                          FACTUAL BACKGROUND

  5.                        8 months ago the Plaintiff was charged with a traffic infraction that involved the magistrate putting him in jail for contempt of court. The plaintiff was taken to suburb jail straight from traffic court and he served 3 days.

6.                          The Court date was rescheduled, and the case was resolved. However, the Court still found the Plaintiff guilty from their ignorance of Plaintiff’s affidavits and motions.

7.                          The Case was closed on 10th March 2020.

8.                          On October 16, 2020, the plaintiff received a letter detailing that he never reported in jail.

9.              The Court has served him a copias and a license block.

                  PRAYER AND RELIEF

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff ________________( enter name). respectfully request that this Court enter judgment in their favor and as against Defendants as follows:

  1. The defendant be ordered to pay the Plaintiff aggravated damages.
  2. For all costs of suit herein; and
  3. For such other and further relief as the Court deems appropriate.

DATED: ________________________            

Respectfully Submitted,

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