20 January XXX

To the Executive Board,

My name is XXX____________ and am a volunteer chief working at North Brunswick Township. This letter aims to refute the false accusations of my colleague, XXX, and set out the truth.

I am a dedicated chief, a person of integrity and am kind, so XXX comments that I am a domestic terrorist are unfounded and false because I usually take time to listen to my colleagues and only make a decision after we have reached a consensus. Further, I have never attacked him in any way, and his claim that I have attacked him is due to the negative attitude that he has against me. Every time I speak to him, he views it as an attack and as if I am picking on him. Subsequently, I have ceased trying to work with me.

Secondly, I have tried to schedule meetings with him to iron out any issues, but he has turned down my request each time. Hence, he cannot claim hostility, yet he refuses us to meet and settle any disputes.

Thirdly, XXX outrightly lied by stating that I promised to recommend him for the “volunteer of the year award” in his email. I have never promised to recommend anyone for any awards whatsoever, and I never nominated him for office. I don’t force him to do anything since we are all volunteers. Should he want to substantiate his claims, he should provide evidence for the same.

Lastly, his statement that I contributed to a hostile work environment that I force him to endure is false. North Brunswick Township is a volunteer organization, and because of its volunteer nature, I cannot force anyone to do anything but expose them to a harsh work environment. Therefore, his claims can be considered to have been motivated by falsehood and malice.

 I would like you to consider this letter’s contents and ask Matthew to substantiate his claims with evidence.

Thank you for your consideration,

 Kind regards,



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