Dear Judge XXX,

            My name is XXX. I am the cousin of Mr. XXX (Defendant). I am a medical provider by profession and live with my three children. 

            The purpose of this letter is to provide insight into XXX (Defendant’s) character. XXX is related to me by way of my mother. He is the son of my mother’s first cousin, XXX. I have been the custodian for XXX Pretrial release, which began in December when he was released. When I arrived at Knox county jail, the first thing I can remember was the officer there who informed me that XXX was never troublesome while in detention. He also said that XXX was always respectful to staff and everyone at large.

            I am pleased that XXX got a chance to live with me and my three children. It has been a pleasure getting to know more about him because we had never had a chance to get to know each other very much since we live in two different states.

            I must say, XXX is a good person and that he only made a wrong choice. He is a clean, respectful, and orderly person. Notably, he played with and was a role model and mentor for my son Ean. He is also good at problem-solving and figuring things out.

            XXXX is also a selfless person. He gives his last and offers a helping hand always. He has worked very hard and tried to stay positive-minded through this challenging time, considering he has been away from his family and children that he still speaks to daily since last year. He has no bad habits. He does not smoke and does not drink. He only takes an occasional glass of wine.

          XXX has worked since the time he was released. Besides, he pays child support and has been saving to pay restitution. He has attended a rigorous Real Estate class. Interestingly, I hardly saw him while taking the course because he constantly studied day and night, as he worked 12 hours shifts. His efforts bore fruit when he passed the exams in one sitting.

            I believe he has learned from his mistake and that he has very little chance of recidivism because he knows and understands how much he has to lose. The three months he spent in jail weighed heavily on him since it was his first time. Besides, the coronavirus seemingly extended his incarceration period. Since he got his pretrial release, he has dutifully followed all the rules. He shows remorse daily for the mistakes he made by apologizing to everyone and always trying to help out where he can.  He checks in every Monday with his Pretrial Officer. It is worth noting that the officer had recommended to step down his monitoring to curfew due to XXX s positive attitude of being a productive citizen of the community and his willingness to comply with all requirements. My cousin shows his desire to comply and be an upstanding citizen to the community and family man. On behalf of his family and me, I beg for your leniency in the sentencing.




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