Cease and Desist- Misrepresentation of Facts and Harassment

February 5, 2023







Date: __________________


RE: Cease and Desist- Misrepresentation of Facts and Harassment




This letter serves as a formal notification to you to cease and desist from using my images, voice, and video content to promote and sell hair products, supplements and services for your company. I am also writing to notify you to cease and desist from making unwelcomed sexual advances and harassment towards me. 


I worked as a brand ambassador and marketing representative for you until I quit my position on or about [ENTER DATE] after experiencing major hair loss due to your defective products. Accordingly, the misleading information, defective products, as well as your unethical activities, have caused substantial harm to me. Your actions have made me suffer the following damages:


  1. Severe emotional and mental distress
  2. Physical assault and harm to my body
  3. Damages to my professional reputation
  4. Damages to my employment 
  5. Defamation of my character
  6. Insomnia due to being frightened and intimidated, and
  7. Severe hair loss, balding, damaged strands, and intense scalp issues


Besides, I was subjected to sexual harassment while working with you. Notably, the said harassment included:


  1. Sexually suggestive remarks, jokes, and verbal abuse
  2. Unwelcomed advances
  3. Physical contact and groping my body
  4. Intrusive questions and comments about my private life, and
  5. Slander against my personal brand


Your company is falsely marketing me as an ambassador, who has experienced hair growth. Please be made aware that your continuous use of the false advertisement is harmful to my brand (KayyDeanne) and will subsequently cause harm to my business and my reputation. Furthermore, I may experience general economic harm if you keep using my content. Accordingly, you must immediately cease the above unlawful actions against me which violates my constitutionally protected rights. 


In light of the foregoing, I find it uncouth and unlawful for your company to promote, sell, and earn profit from your defective hair products, supplements and services based on information that is untrue and a misrepresentation of facts.  


I demand that all content, including images and videos of myself, my hair, or my voice, be removed from Nina Ross Hair Therapy. If you do not cease the above-referenced breaches or violations, a lawsuit will be filed against you.


If I am forced to commence a lawsuit to address these intentionally disruptive and damaging actions, be advised that I will seek recovery of all legal fees and costs incurred herein as a result. I reserve my rights to take further legal actions and seek all available remedies against you should you not promptly cease and desist all unlawful actions.


Please note that while I hope this is not necessary, I am prepared to pursue whatever action is necessary. 

I will not send another warning letter.


If you do not comply with these demands within [ENTER NUMBER OF DAYS] days, then it shall be my right to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies, including, but not limited to, instituting formal litigation proceedings against you in accordance with the laws of the State of [ENTER STATE]. This option will seriously impact the reputation of your business. 

Let it be understood that I have all the evidence to take immediate action. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:








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