Date: __________________

RE: Cease and Desist- Misrepresentation of Facts

Dear __________________

Kindly consider this letter as a formal notification to you to cease and desist from using my images and videos to promote and sell defective hair products and services.

As a former brand ambassador of Nina Ross Hair Therapy, I find it uncouth and unlawful for your company to promote hair products and salon services centering on information that is untrue leading to misrepresentation of facts to consumers of your services.

The misleading information has caused me substantial harm since I’m now bald for using your hair products yet you still market me as having experienced hair growth from using your hair products.

I demand that all content, including images and videos of my brand be removed from the company. The continuous use of the false advertisement is harmful to my brand (KayyDeanne) and may subsequently cause harm to my business, my reputation and can cause general economic harm if the use of my content is still on public display.

I hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from making any and all misrepresentation of facts in relation to my brand. I demand that your company publish a retraction within _____________ days from the date of this letter.

If there is no response by ___________________, 20____, then it shall be my right to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies, including, but not limited to, instituting formal litigation proceedings against you in accordance with the laws of __________________ [STATE/COUNTRY].



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