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This letter serves as a formal notice to [Name of the girlfriend], who happens to be my son’s girlfriend. My son, [Name of son], and [Name of girlfriend] are both classified as minors under the US Law and legally under the protection of a guardian. Subsequently, this letter is also addressed to her guardian, [Name of her guardian(s)], who bears both legal and moral responsibility towards her daughter.

[Name of girlfriend] is hereby asked to immediately cease and desist any and all activities that might lead to any interaction between her and my son [Name of son].

[Name of girlfriend] is NOT ALLOWED to:

  • Make phone calls to my son or make any communications either through letters or word of mouth;
  •  Stalk my son in any way either physically through herself or any of her friends and associates, or through social media platforms;
  • Make any social media interactions.

[Name of girlfriend] is also warned against any harassment activities of any kind against and towards my son including trying to get my son to avenge her assaulters.

I am a parent who understands childhood and most importantly the dynamics that comes with the teenage phase. I also understand the rough patch that [Name of girlfriend] was subjected to recently. However, I find it unfair and unreasonable that my son has to suffer for the iniquities of others.

My son has been mentally tortured as a result to the relationship he has with ______________.  The relationship is too toxic to an extent that my son became suicidal. As a parent, the well-being of your child should be a priority. I am a concerned and a deeply troubled parent who demands [girlfriend] to stay away from my son for his own safety and well-being.

[Girlfriend] actions are threatening, aggressive and annoying at the least. I find these actions unbearable to me and more so my son. The named actions have taken a toll on both mental health and physical health of my son. He has suffered a series of emotional distress since the harassment commenced. Your actions also infringe upon his right to remain free from any harassment.

May it be brought to attention that I made complains more than once in the past but due to unexplained circumstances, I couldn’t get the necessary help I needed from you or your guardian.

If you do not cease and desist the harassment effective immediately, I will be forced to take appropriate legal actions against you with the help of societies such as the human rights society. I will seek all available damages and remedies in court for that matter. All evidence to the claims stated above shall be adduced in a court of law of competent jurisdiction.


Name: [Your Name]

Title: Parent

Signature: [Signature]

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