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To whom it may concern,
I refer to Case No. ____________
This cease and desist letter serves as my formal notification to you regarding my intention to
file a temporary restraining order and ultimately for a permanent restraining order to protect
myself and my family from the Defendant’s conduct.
The contention rises from the Defendant’s acts that ended up hurting my son. In one
incidence, my son went to the hospital for a unknown insect bite on his right cheek. However,
the hospital ended up removing his organ without parental consent and absent court order.
The hospital is now claiming that he has cancer and was giving him chemotherapy while he
was in the hospital to date. The hospital is also trying to give him blood transfusions although
the doctor stated that there is no evidence that he needs Chemo. Besides, during my son’s
stay in the hospital, they gave him medicine that was harmful to children his age.
The Defendant’s blameworthy conduct was also seen when I went to the dentist for
emergency tooth extraction of an infected tooth. The dentist ended up doing 6 root canals and
was trying to give me permanent dentures to cover up their conduct. The nurse showed me
what they had done to my upper front teeth. I experienced a lot of pain. When I tried to get up
the dentist pushed me down to the chair. I only came out of the sedation on time to get up and
leave before they could cover it up. All of these was being recorded and watched by a crowd
in the adjacent room. Afterwards, I realized that the infected tooth that took me to the dentist
was untouched when I left.
The alleged misconduct was also extended to my husband. He was being harassed by the
Department of Veteran Affairs until we had to tell them to back off. Interestingly, I came
across an article that states that counsel for the defendants is in connection with the
Department of Veteran Affairs. There is therefore a conflict of interest in this case that will
impede my access to justice.
In light of the foregoing, I demand that you cease and desist from your tortious acts forthwith.
If you don’t comply our demand, I will have no choice but to take legal actions against you
for negligence, Infringement on our Trademark, and failure to abide by legal policy. This
option will seriously impact your reputation.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: [ENTER CONTACT DETAILS]


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