By checking the box on this Catering Service Agreement, which is made between
TEXAS BOIL MASTERS (hereinafter referred to as the “Caterer”) and YOU
(hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) together referred to as “parties.”
WHEREAS the Service Provider is a mobile catering business that has agreed to
provide catering services to the client on the below-agreed terms; –
Parties herein agree that grocery expenses will be funded by the caterer who shall
provide all the needed ingredients for the preparation of requested dishes.
Parties agree that the boil event is a 3-hour event as stated in the booking which is
from; –
 12:00-3:00
 3:00-6:00
 6:00-9:00
Parties herein further agree that the above mentioned times are subject to change
based on the Client’s preference but they shall be given 3 hours from the start time.
Parties agree that there will be a service fee of 25% deposit upon initial booking that
will cater for the meal preparations, presentation, delivery, and any other needed
The above-mentioned payment shall be made upon signing this agreement and shall
be used to facilitate the caterer to buy fresh produce/seafood for the boil event.
Parties herein further agree that there will be an extra charge for "out of network" in
the event the client is located outside of the city of Austin.
The Client shall make all the necessary arrangements and plans i.e., the timings for
the delivery.
8. Liability.
The Client herein shall not hold the caterer liable for any food-borne illnesses that
may arise from the consumption of the meal prepared by the caterer. The Client
acknowledges that he/she will not sue or seek compensation from the caterer in the
event of food-borne illnesses from the prepared food.

The Client understands and assumes all the risks that may arise from eating the
meals/food prepared by the caterer.
The Client shall take all the responsibility/liability that may arise from their customers
consumption of the meal/food prepared by the caterer.
9. Dispute Resolution.
In case of any dispute or conflict that arises from the non-performance of the terms
in this Agreement, parties mutually agree to negotiate and resolve the dispute. If the
same fails, it shall be referred to a single arbitrator, whose decision shall be binding
and final.
If either party wants to terminate this Agreement, they must give the other party a 7-
day’ prior written notice.
In the event the client cancels this agreement within 7 days of the day of delivery, the
caterer shall retain the 25% deposit.
Suppose a provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction
to be invalid and unenforceable. It will be severed from the Agreement, and the other
provisions will continue and not be affected.
Governing Law.
The terms of this Agreement will be governed by the Laws of the State of Texas.
A waiver by any of the parties herein of their rights in this Agreement does not infer a
further waiver of that right or any other right in this Agreement.
Entire Agreement.
The terms and obligations in this Agreement shall be construed as the entire
Agreement between the parties about the subject herein.
Parties herein further agree and acknowledge that the terms of this agreement shall
bind every person in consumption of the meal/food prepared by the Caterer.

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