Case Brief Form

 Name _____________________________________________ Date __________ Section _____ BLAW 5390 ~ Case Brief Form

  1. What is this case name? Hodge V. Strong Built International LLC.
  2. What is this case citation? 159 So. 3d 1159 (La. Ct. App. 2015)
  3.  Who originally sued whom? Donald C. Hodge, Jr. and Rachel Hodge sued Strong Built International.
  4. Under what legal theory? Negligence and Piercing the Corporate veil
  5. What are the four most important facts about this case?
  6. Donald C. Hodge, Sr., the father to the plaintiffs, was hunting in a ladder-style deer stand when the straps on the stand failed, causing the deer stand and Mr. Hodge, Sr. to fall to the ground.
  7. Plaintiffs asserted that Donald C. Hodge, Sr. died after sustaining injuries as a result.
  8. Strong Built International manufactures deer stands and was sued by the plaintiffs
  9. The Company is a limited liability Company with the manager, Ken Killen, being the sole owner of the LLC.
  10. What did the trial court decide? The Trial Court granted motion for summary judgment upon application by Strong Built International, LLC.
  11. What did the intermediate appellate court decide?  It affirmed the trial Court’s decision to grant defendant summary judgment.
  12.  What is the main issue that this court had to tackle? Whether the corporate veil can be pierced and Ken Killen held liable individually for the faulty deer stand that caused injury and subsequently death.
  13. What did this court (the one deciding the case you are reading) decide? The Appellate court ruled in favour of the defendant and affirmed the trial Court’s grant of summary judgment.
  14. What is the one main reason this court decided that way? The plaintiffs did not adduce enough evidence to warrant the Court to pierce the corporate veil. 
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