1. Should contracts made through Tweets be legally binding?

Contracts made through tweets should not be legally binding unless the parties intend to be bound by such contracts. A valid contract should be in writing and constitute an offer, acceptance, consideration, and an intention to be legally bound.  Both parties should sign a valid contract. A contract made on Twitter can be considered an oral agreement, and such can be made valid by writing.

2. Is the internet an extension of the real world, or are they two different spheres?

The internet is an extension of the real world because the digital world has expanded widely, and most people have access to the internet. Social media has presented an opportunity for people to build communities, engage with others, gain exposure to new ideas regardless of their geographical location, and solve problems. Also, there are literally apps and websites for everything like financial management, shopping, mental health, and communicating.

3. Should we hold people accountable for what they say and do on the internet as in the real world?

People should be held accountable for what they say or do within the limits of the right to freedom of expression. People should be allowed to freely seek, receive, or impart information or ideas and freedom of artistic creativity. But such should not extend to spreading propaganda for war, incitement to violence, hate speech, ethnic incitement, others’ vilification, cyber bullying, discrimination, defamation, and many other vices.

4. If tweets and similar postings are widely considered legally binding, would that change how people use social media?

If tweets and similar postings are considered legally binding, it could change how people use social media. Social media is meant to create a platform for sharing ideas, thoughts, and information through building virtual communities and networks. Making tweets and social media postings to be legally binding will make people more conscious, and they will limit their freedom of expression hence defeating the purpose of social media.

5. Would you personally change?

I would change how interacted with people and be more careful with the choice of words, the recipients of my messages, and people’s responses. I would be more conscious of the posts I like, share, and comment on. I would be more intentional with the people I follow and the reasons why I follow them.

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