This Business Contract (the “Contract”) is entered into and made effective as of this _____ day of ____________, 2021, by and between:

360 Platforms, LLC of 1968 S. Coast Hwy #2423, Laguna Beach CA 92651

(hereinafter referred to as “BounceHouse360”)

  • AND –

Insert Merchant’s Name of Insert Merchant’s Address

(hereinafter referred to as the “Merchant”)


  1. WHEREAS, Merchant wishes to engage BounceHouse360 for services described in this Contract.
  2. WHEREAS, BounceHouse360 has the skills, qualifications, and expertise required to provide services to Merchant.
  3. WHEREAS, BounceHouse360 wishes to render such services to Merchant.
  4. NOW, therefore, in consideration of the promises and covenants contained herein, as well as other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged), the parties do hereby agree as follows:

Services Provided

  1. BounceHouse360 will market Merchant’s services on Merchant’s behalf on the website
  2. Merchant agrees that all content uploaded to can be used as marketing material to promote Merchant’s services.
  3. Merchant agrees to allow BounceHouse360 to display all online reviews for BounceHouse360’s marketing efforts.


  • Merchant shall pay BounceHouse360 20% of the overall revenue acquired by BounceHouse360 for premium members.
  • Free options are available as well.


  • BounceHouse360 will provide refunds upon request by Merchant.
  • If the refund rate exceeds 3%, then BounceHouse360 has the right to terminate any future dealings with Merchant.


  • Merchant can terminate this Contract at any time.
  • BounceHouse360 reserves the right to terminate this Contract for a plausible cause.

Exclusion of Liability

  1. BounceHouse360 assumes no liability whatsoever for Merchant’s services in relation to this Contract.
  2. Merchant agrees to hold BounceHouse360 harmless against any action arising out of performance of this Contract.

Name of 360 Platform, LLC’s Signatory:

Title of 360 Platform, LLC’s Signatory:

Signature: ______________________________                   Date:

Name of Merchant’s Signatory:

Title of Merchant’s Signatory:

Signature: ______________________________                   Date:

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