This Building/Facility Use Agreement is entered into this _________ day of
_______________ 20___, by and between, XXX
MINISTRIES (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner/Landlord”) on one part; and
_______________, (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) on the other part; for the
Church located at XXX, (hereinafter the
“Property”). Together referred to as “parties.”
1. Fee.
Parties herein agree to the following rates; –
 $250 for 4 hours to a half day (4 hours being the minimum)
 $500 for a full day
2. Term.
The term of the agreement shall begin on _____________, at ______ to
_____________, at ______.
3. Purpose.
The agreed purpose of this agreement is for the owner to rent out the church to the
user for consideration, for the use by the user for __________.
The owner is not responsible to provide any special equipment or personnel unless
the same has been specifically agreed to by the parties.
4. Non-Disturbance Clause.
The owner shall ensure that everything runs smoothly during the entire user period,
and the intended purpose of the user will not be disturbed.
5. Care of Premises.
The parties agree that after the use of the property by the user for the intended
purpose, the user shall leave the property in a clean state before exiting the property.
6. Damages.
The user agrees to compensate the owner for any damage to the building, chairs,
equipment, media, etc. resulting from their use.
7. Cancellations.

If the user or the owner cancels this agreement, the canceling party will inform the
other early in advance, and a refund of the money already paid to the owner will be
In the event the owner cancels this agreement, she will be responsible for payments
of all the profits the user was expecting to collect and bookings that have been paid
8. Indemnity.
The user agrees to save, indemnify, and keep harmless the owner against any
liability, claims, judgments, or demands, including demands arising from injuries or
death of persons (User’s employees included) and property damage, arising directly
or indirectly out of obligations herein undertaken or out of the operations conducted
by the user, save and except claims or litigation arising through the sole negligence
or sole willful misconduct of the owner. The parties intend that the indemnity
provided for by this agreement provides for indemnity to the fullest extent provided
for by law.
9. Extensions.
The parties hereto may elect to extend this agreement upon such terms and
conditions as may be agreed upon in writing and signed by the parties at the time of
any such extension request from any party.
10. Severability.
The provisions of this agreement are severable. If any provision is held to be invalid
or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other
11. Entire Agreement.
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. It supersedes
all prior oral or written agreements or understandings between the parties
concerning the subject matter of this contract.
12. Dispute Resolution Mechanism.
Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising from or relating to this agreement or the
interpretation, breach, or validity thereof shall be resolved through negotiation
between the parties.
The dispute shall be referred to mediation if a resolution cannot be obtained.

13. Governing Law.
This contract shall be governed by and according to the laws of the State of Texas.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each Party has executed this Agreement as of the day
and year set forth below.
Signed by the OWNER; –
Name: Dr. Bettina C. Bunton

Signed by the USER; –

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