8 March 2021 

Dear Broadband, 


This complaint letter seeks compensation for emotional distress and credit status disruption caused by your poor complaint handling process. 

My name is Jack, and I have been your customer for over ten years with multiple broadband accounts in different rental properties, and I am still a customer currently. In May 2019, I contacted your customer service to disconnect my two broadband accounts as I was relocating. They stated that they could only cancel one account; this was unfair because I secured the two accounts with two different contracts, and I paid for them separately. Consequently, they disconnected one account, and the other remained active even though I had vacated the property and I was no longer using the account. 

Since only one account was canceled, direct debit for the other account without notice, I tried contacting customer services, but they frustrated my efforts with unclear and unresponsive responses. 

Finally, in August, the issue was resolved though they claimed I owed the Company £131 as the line was not disconnected.  Consequently, they stated that I do not have to pay, but they marked my credit file as a defaulter.

My credit file marking as a defaulter has caused me immense emotional distress, and it has affected my credit status. For instance, in January, when I applied for a mortgage, it was declined because of the Company’s default marking on my credit status. As a result of the declination, £ 85000 is stuck in equity for a completed house project. 

I am seeking compensation for the emotional distress that the Company has caused, for the past four weeks, I have been stressed as my money is at stake, as well as my credit status, which I have taken time to build.  I have tried reaching their customer service to no avail. It has been three weeks, and my complaints are landing on a deaf ear. 

I am seeking £ ________________ as compensation for emotional distress and credit status disruption, and I would the Company to withdraw the default marking on my credit.


Kind regards, 

________________ (signature)



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