Client Information.



Phone Number:


Service Provider Information.

Name: Austin’s Professional Disposal Service and More, LLC

Phone Number: 407-449-9413


Job Name.



Austin’s Professional Disposal Service and More, LLC has over 12 years of experience in the business with various clientele and will provide the following services; –

  1. Provide a trash can where needed.
  2. Remove the tied bag in the container and up to 3 additional tied bags.
  3. Remove Broken down cardboard boxes.
  4. Remove trash up to 70lbs.
  5. Pick up the trash left from the previous night by the dumpster.

Proposed Project Budget.

If you don’t want to utilize the large trash removal services, APDS will provide Package A – Door to Door trash removal for $20.00 a door that totals $12,000 monthly.

Any changes or modifications that will adjust the costs should be agreed upon between the parties and made in writing.

Project Timeline.

The term we would offer you for both Large trash removal services and Door to Door trash removal services is six months or 12 months.

Terms And Conditions.

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the parties once both parties have signed the same agreeing to the provided terms.

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