1. $ 1000 flat synchronization fee for the song “Puppies” for the use in one episode of The Dog Talker.

Aubrey will get 50% of the total flat synchronization fee; which will be calculated as follows:   x $ 1000 = $ 500

  • $ 5000- A derivative works license fee for the use of the chorus of “It’s Cold- I Can’t Feel My Fingertips’ to be looped under a pop song by the Purple Kats called “Winter Pinks”

Aubrey will get 50% of the total amount acquired from the derivative works license fee as follows:  x $ 5000 = $ 2500

  • $ 227.50 from mechanical licensing of the initial run of 5,000 CDs for Purple Kat’s song “Winter Pinks.” Lion’s Roar Music negotiated a 50 percent share of any mechanical royalties on “Winter Pinks.”

Lion Roar will get 50% of $227.50 and then Aubrey will get 50% of the amount as follows: x $ 227. 50 = $ 113.75. $ 113.75 will be given to Lion Roar and Aubrey will get 50% of the amount as follows:  x 113.75= $ 56.875

In total, Aubrey will get $500 + $ 2500 + $ 56.875 = $3056.875

In conclusion the phrase, “you‘ll get paid part of your performance royalties directly and the other part will be divided and distributed when it arrives”.  It means Aubrey will get paid for the being the songwriter when the music is played and the rest of the royalties acquired by from the  flat synchronization fees will be divided among band members.

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