November 25, 2023


This Assignment of Shares Agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) is entered on
this ______ day of _______ 20__ by and between TIKA SOCIAL LLC (hereinafter
referred to as the “Company”) and _____________, _____________, ___________,
____________ (hereinafter referred to as the "individuals"). Together referred to as
1. Purpose.
The Company would like to relinquish ______ shares to the individuals mentioned
In return, the Company shall require the individuals’ loyalty and they will not be
allowed to take anything that the parties talk about and go to create a competitive
2. Dividends.
The Parties herein agree that the dividends according to their respective
percentages shall be disbursed quarterly.
3. Confidentiality.
The parties acknowledge that during the performance of the services herein, parties
may come across information that is considered confidential. Parties agree not to
disclose this information to any third parties without prior written consent from the
other party unless the information is shared with the employees during the cause of
the performance of the duties and obligations herein, who shall not disclose the
confidential information with any third parties without the written consent from the
other party.
4. Governing Law.
Parties herein agree that the provisions of this Agreement shall be construed in
accordance with the laws of Hawaii.
5. Dispute Resolution.
In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding the enforcement or
interpretation of the duties and obligations, the dispute shall be settled through
negotiations between the parties, failure of which, the dispute shall be referred to
Arbitration, whose decision shall be final.
6. Termination.

The company has the right to terminate this agreement immediately without any
notice for the following reasons which are not limited to; –
i. Disclosing confidential information.
ii. Fraud.
iii. Doing illegal activities.
7. Intellectual property.
Any intellectual property shall solely belong to the Company which is registered as
the owner.
8. Entire Agreement.
The terms and provisions contained in this Agreement constitute the entire
Agreement between the parties and supersede any prior written or oral agreements
or promises.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, parties have caused this Agreement to be executed on
the date herein below (the “Effective date”).
Signed by the COMPANY; –
Email Address:

Signed by the INDIVIDUALS; –


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