November 24, 2023


This Artist Performance Agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) is entered into on
this ________ day of __________ 20__ by and between Clavish (hereinafter the
“Artist”, and _____________________ (hereinafter the “Organizer”). Together
referred to as “parties.”
WHEREAS the parties agree to be mutually bound by the terms and obligations
provided hereunder; –
1. Purpose.
Parties agree that the purpose of the agreement is for the organizer to secure the
attendance and performance of the Artist at FIVE Hotels and Resorts.
The artist will have two (2) performances.
2. Term.
The parties agree that the above-mentioned two performances shall be as follows; –
 15 th February 2023, Wednesday – at the Penthouse
 18 th February 2023, Saturday – at the Mansion
3. Payment.
The parties agree that the Artist will receive USD 15,000 via Bank Transfer to the
provided bank details by the Artist.
4. Billing.
Parties agree that invoices for the two locations shall be; –
The Penthouse – for USD 7,500
Venue: The Penthouse
Address: PO Box 6438
FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai No. 1, Palm Jumeirah Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
TRN: 100577597600003
The Mansion – for USD 7,500
FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai
Venue: The Mansion

Address: District 14, Street 1, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, United
Arab Emirates
TRN: 100577597600003
5. Expenses.
Parties herein agree and acknowledge that the Organizer shall provide the Artist with
2 (two) round trip economy flight tickets for Clavish and the agent, transportation to
and from the airport, and stay for 5 people from the 13 th to the 19 th of February 2023
with Food and Beverage at Full Board, Inclusive of In Room Dining and 50% off
Alcohol across all venues at FIVE PALM & JV. That means the team is covered
The Room type is to be decided based on availability, however, these rooms will be
booked at FIVE JV.
6. Dispute Resolution.
If there arises any dispute regarding the provisions of this agreement, the same shall
be negotiated in the first instance between the parties; if it fails, the argument shall
be taken to litigation by the applicable laws.
7. Exclusivity.
The parties agree that the Passport name also known as the Artist Name Clavish will
only perform at venues across FIVE Hotels and Resorts in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates whilst his stay in Dubai from the 13th to 19th of February 2023.
Passport name also known as Artist Name Clavish must not promote any other
venue whilst his stay in Dubai on social media or perform for a venue in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates for a period of 30 days.
Failing to comply will result in legal action by FIVE HOTEL FZE.
8. Governing Law.
The terms and provisions of this agreement shall be governed and interpreted by the
laws of the United Arab Emirates.
9. Modification.
The parties herein may only modify or amend the terms by the same being reduced
into writing and signed by both parties willingly.
10. Waiver.

The parties agree that no waiver of the rights under this agreement shall be
construed as a continuing waiver or as consent to any future or subsequent
11. Entire Agreement.
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties herein and
supersedes any prior oral or written agreements or promises.
12. Severability.
Suppose any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a
court of competent jurisdiction. In that case, the same shall be severed from this
agreement, and the remaining provisions shall continue in existence and full force
and effect.
13. Acceptance.
By the parties signing herein below, they accept to be legally bound by the terms and
provisions of this agreement.
Signed by the Artist; –

Signed by the Organizer; –

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