July 12, 2023

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Dear Honorable Judge/Magistrate,


            My name is Insert Name. I am a resident of Insert Full Address. I live with my husband, Insert Full Name, and two daughters, Insert Daughters’ Names aged 8 and 9. My current husband is not the biological father of my daughters. However, he loves them so much. He provides, protects and cares for them. As a result, my daughters view him as their own father. In that regard, they requested to take his last name. While applying to change my daughters’ surname, I came across a requirement that both parents recorded on my daughters’ birth certificates need to sign the application form, unless I have the approval of Queensland Magistrates Court. I hereby seek the approval of this Honorable Court for the reasons outlined below.

            It is ideal that every child grows up with both parents to provide the necessary support to help the child grow into a responsible adult. That could not be possible with the biological father of my daughters, so I had to divorce him and get married to another man, my current husband. I’d like to have my daughters’ biological father sign the application to change their surname, but I’m unable to do so as I cannot find him. His family will not tell me where he is so that he can sign the application. I have tried to find him without his family’s assistance but I haven’t been successful.

My daughters’ biological father has been in and out of various mental facilities due to schizophrenia. He is in no way involved in the upbringing of our daughters. He is distant from his daughters. He does not call or text to find out how they are doing. As a result, my daughters consider him a stranger. They don’t recognize him as their father anymore.

I got married to Insert Current Husband’s Name on Insert Date. Apart from being a good husband to me, he has also been a very good father to my daughters. He has always been there to help me raise them, instill discipline and provide the moral support my daughters need. We all love him and are now his family.

My daughters wish to change their surname from Insert Current Surname to Insert New Surname. This is because he is the man who makes them feel that they have a father. Insert Current Husband’s Name is a good role model to my daughters. He has instilled values of discipline and hard work in them. He provides for my daughters and ensures that they have everything they need. Insert Husband’s Name has made a fatherly bond with my daughters. He understands their needs and is always there to help and guide them whenever necessary. He is involved in all aspects of my daughters’ lives. This includes attending meetings and events that my daughters are involved in. My daughters are always happy that he is involved in their lives. Because of all this, my daughters are proud to call him “Dad” and be part of his family. They feel that being part of his family involves taking his last name as their surname.

My daughters’ births were registered in Queensland. They have resided in Queensland since they were born. I have not changed my children’s family name in Queensland within the last 12 months. My daughters are aged 8 and 9 and fully understand the concept of changing their name. Changing their name will be very exciting for them. I am my daughters’ biological mother and I have legal authority to make an application to change their surname. I also have all proof of identification required to complete the process of changing my daughters’ last name.

Reasons wherefore, I respectfully request this Honorable Court to grant me approval to change my daughters’ last name and an order to that effect. If required, I am ready and willing to attend any hearing on this matter, whether physically or virtually. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking time to read my letter.

Respectfully Submitted,


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