From: …………..

January 14, 2022

To: The Disability Board

Dear Members of the Board,

My name is ……. and I am writing to appeal my denial for disability benefits dated September 16, 2021. Enclosed herein is a copy of the denial letter which indicates that the basis of the committee’s denial was that Plan neutral orthopedist Dr. Marcus Cook did not find any ratable impairments under the Point System for Orthopedic Impairments because no Plan Neutral Physician reported that I have a substantial disablement. Moreover, after perusing my medical records, the Committee determined that the medical records, do not alone demonstrate that I have a substantial disablement within the meaning of the Plan.

I applied for the disability benefits sometime in June 1, 2021 because I have been unable to play football having twisted my ankle while at practice for the New York Jets. Prior to my ankle injury, I had injured my thumb while playing for the Tennessee Titans and the same never healed. Despite the New York Jets indicating that my ankle would heal in due time, the same has not happened.

For the love of the game, I have tried extremely hard to continue engaging in football and I even played with the Green Bay Packers with both injuries, but I could no longer control and/or sustain the pains hence it was hard for me to perform as expected. Thus, I decided to retire early.

Shortly after my retirement, I began coaching and training but due to the pain, I was unable to keep up with the demands. To date, I still experienced pain on my hand and my ankle pops with each movement. I cannot stand on my foot because the pressure causes severe discomfort. I am often constrained to let my right foot bear the bulk of my weight.

These injuries have had a direct impact on my day to day life. It has become impossible for me to operate my vehicle with my left hand or to hold an object for an extended period of time. I am also not able to lift weights or perform basic exercises. It is my understanding that according to Dr. Cook’s report, my left thumb is not intact unlike my right thumb which explains the cause of the pain.

Considering the difficulties these injuries have introduced into my life, I applied for disability benefits because I have children whom I wish to provide for but in the circumstances, I am unable to.

Please reconsider my disability claim that was denied on September 16, 2021.

I have attached the relevant medical records to assist your reconsideration of my application.

I would like nothing better than to work, but my efforts for the last ….. years have been unsuccessful. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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