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Dear TeamYouTube,


Reference is made to the above matter.

I am writing to appeal the severe strike that was applied to my video titled “@ASMRAttack ~ Would you like to do sum sound effects 4 these videos please to make MIX edits with” on [Date]. The unjustified severe strike resulted in the takedown of my entire YouTube channel, a platform I have passionately contributed to for over a decade without any prior strikes or violations. Moreover, the strike’s impact extended to two other channels under my ownership, specifically [Channel 2 Name and URL] and [Channel 3 Name and URL].

Introduction and Commitment to YouTube’s Community Guidelines:

First and foremost, I want to reiterate my deep commitment to upholding YouTube’s community guidelines and fostering a safe and respectful environment for all users. As a long-standing creator on the platform, my content has always adhered to YouTube’s policies and guidelines. The platform’s vibrant community has been a testament to its commitment to fostering creativity and responsible content creation.

Details of the Video Content and Policy References:

The video in question, “@ASMRAttack ~ Would you like to do sum sound effects 4 these videos please to make MIX edits with,” featured solo dancing and semi-nudity, presented in a non-explicit, non-harmful, and non-dangerous manner. The content was intended solely for private use, serving as part of the process to create a parody video through sampling. It is important to clarify that the content was never intended for public consumption, emphasizing my intention to uphold YouTube’s guidelines.

In light of YouTube’s severe strike policy, it is crucial to refer to specific policy clauses that were allegedly violated. YouTube’s guidelines clearly outline that severe strikes are reserved for content that poses serious threats or risks to the community, such as content that is dangerous, harmful, or illegal. However, the content of the video does not meet any of these criteria, and thus, the severe strike classification is unjustified.

Additionally, YouTube’s sexual content policy strictly prohibits explicit content meant for sexual gratification and states that such content will be removed or age-restricted. The video, in question, did not contain any explicit content meant for sexual gratification. Notably, the video was initially set to age-restricted, underscoring my proactive approach to adhere to YouTube’s guidelines before the unforeseen severe strike was imposed.

Blatant Failure in Policy Application and Conflict in Policies:

It is deeply concerning to observe that YouTube is failing to consistently and fairly apply its policies across the platform. The existence of content that exploits the “fetish” policy for sexual gratification while being at odds with the “no sexual gratification allowed” principle highlights a lack of uniform enforcement. This inconsistency raises significant concerns about YouTube’s ability to objectively and transparently enforce its policies.

Furthermore, YouTube’s policy clauses regarding sexual content and other forms of content are poorly defined and ambiguous, allowing for vague interpretations and decisions that lack transparency. This ambiguity raises doubts about the fairness and objectivity of YouTube’s enforcement process. As a content creator, I find it disheartening that YouTube’s decisions seem to be subject to its own interpretation, potentially leading to unjust penalties for creators without recourse.

Financial and Personal Impact of Unjust Penalties:

The severe strike applied to my video and the subsequent takedown of my channels have had severe financial repercussions and deeply impacted my personal life. YouTube has been my primary source of income as a full-time content creator, and the removal of my channels has caused significant financial hardship and distress. The sudden loss of income and the uncertainties surrounding my online presence have created undue stress and hardship for me and my family.

Unresolved Appeals and Automated Processes:

Another pressing issue is YouTube’s lack of responsiveness in upholding appeals on the first attempt. The automated appeal process appears to be heavily biased against creators, leaving many with little recourse for resolution. Creators like myself feel unheard and powerless in the face of automated decisions that seem to disregard context and unique circumstances. This lack of responsiveness hinders the appeal process and prevents creators from presenting their case in a meaningful and effective manner.

Request for Fair Reevaluation:

In conclusion, I kindly request YouTube to conduct a thorough, impartial, and unbiased review of my appeal, taking into consideration the evidence provided and the innocent nature of the video in question. The removal of my three channels due to what I strongly believe to be an erroneous classification of the strike has been a substantial setback for my online presence, livelihood, and creative aspirations.

As a dedicated YouTube content creator, I remain committed to upholding the platform’s guidelines and contributing positively to the community. I assure you that I will continue to respect the responsibility that comes with being a creator on YouTube.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by this appeal process. I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and consideration in reevaluating the strike and restoring all three of my YouTube channels to their rightful standing.

Enclosed with this appeal letter, I have included comprehensive evidence, such as timestamps and context, to provide a holistic understanding of the video’s content. I hope that this additional information will assist you in conducting a fair and unbiased review of my appeal.

Furthermore, I urge YouTube to critically examine its policies and enforcement practices to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability in dealing with content creators. The platform’s decisions can have profound impacts on individuals and their livelihoods, and it is essential to maintain a system that is responsive, transparent, and just.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I earnestly look forward to a favorable resolution and the reinstatement of all three of my channels.

Yours sincerely,


[Your Name]

[Your YouTube Channel Name]

[Your YouTube Channel URL]


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