I need to write an appeal against a foreclosure. The house was purchased at a foreclosure auction. It initially belonged to the clients (my mother) husband, he passed a way and without a will and her name not on the mortage, it was auctioned off so she purchased it. She put money down for the house but they still gave her a subprime mortage. They have foreclosed on the home but there have been irregularities which is why she is still the home over 10 years later. They have been unable to produce the original note and if I am correct they should produce the note for her to view if requested. The lawyer who was representing her she later found out was also representing the bank as well which is a conflict because he was not looking out for her interest and never disclosed to her he was also working for the bank. She is appealing the foreclosure judgement so we would like to write the appeal. I am attaching the a copy of the appeal format and also a link of where the case documents can be found. If you’d like to then in a different way please let me know. If you have questions please ask. If this is not possible, please let me know.