January 15, 2024

ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES FOR ______________________________________ LLC.
The annual meeting of the above-mentioned limited liability company was held on ___ day of
______________ 20___, at the following time and location, and by the following Chairman and
Time: Location:

Chairman: Secretary:

The following members were present:
Member’s Name Member’s Address Presence (in person or


1. The Annual Meeting was brought to a formal start. It was found that there was sufficient
representation to constitute a quorum, and the meeting may proceed with its business.
2. The Secretary stated that the meeting was held in accordance with the notice, as was
required by the Operating Agreement of the company, or that notice had been waived by
all members who were entitled to receive notice in accordance with the Operating
Agreement. The Secretary has appended to these minutes copies of any certificates of
mailing notice prepared by the Secretary and any written waivers signed by members
entitled to receive notice of this meeting.
3. The prior meeting’s minutes were distributed. The complete company book was made
available for inspection, including the Articles of Organization and any amendments, the
Operating Agreement, the Members’ interests, the capital contributions, all previous
meeting minutes, and a current printout from the state agency with which the Articles of
Organization were filed, displaying the current state of the records on that State agency’s
database. All present members reviewed the previous meeting’s minutes and, if they so
desired, inspected any corporate records.
4. The annual financial report was presented, and it stated that during the prior fiscal year,
the following had occurred:
 a gross receipts total of: _________________
 a gross profit total of: _________________
 a net profit total of: ___________________

Following a motion that was properly made, seconded, and approved by a unanimous vote, it
was decided that a copy of the yearly financial report mentioned above would be appended to the
company minutes book by the Secretary.
5. Reimbursements and other expense allowance arrangements (§ 1.62-2). Following a
motion that was properly made, seconded, and approved by a unanimous vote, it was
decided that the following would apply to reimbursements and other expense allowance
6. Following a motion that was properly made, seconded, and approved by a unanimous
vote, it was decided that the net profit of the company would be allocated to the members
of the company in the following manner:
Member Distribution

7. The following members were elected to the below positions and allocated the below
salaries following the motion’s approval.
Member Position Salary

8. The members agreed to hold the next annual meeting on _______________date.
9. The below matters were also discussed:

There being no further business to discuss, it was RESOLVED that all of the items and
documents have been reviewed by all shareholders, and that they are approved and adopted, as
well as that all of the actions that have been taken up to this point have been ratified and

approved by the members of the company. This was carried by a motion that was made,
seconded, and carried by a unanimous vote.
There being no further business, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to
adjourn the meeting.

Secretary Name ___________________Signature: _______________ Date: ___________

Member’s Name Member’s Signature

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