RoleResponsibility 1Responsibility 2Responsibility 3Responsibility (Optional)
Children Protection ProfessionalsEnsure that children’s best interests are the primary consideration in the criminal justice system and are considered and balanced with any conflicting human rights of other children, groups of children, or adults. Protecting a child’s well-being by ensuring the child is free from harm, the facilities where children are safe and the children are accorded vocational and educational training (OVC Archive, 2020). By ensuring that children who are capable of expressing themselves are heard and their views, opinions and expressions are taken into consideration. Increasing the use of Guardians Ad Litems (GALs) whose roles are to advocate for the rights of children. 
Mental health professionalsProviding expert testimony during trial on the impact of crime on victims. The evidence provided is relied on in making determinations on injuries and damages occasioned by victims of crime (OVC Archive, 2020). Provided treatment to victims of crime.Providing counseling services to the victims of crime.
Victim Advocates Support victims of crime.Educate victims on their rights and any other relevant information (McNamara, 2020).Representing them in litigation and mitigation of their cases. 
PsychologistsOffering treatment plans to victims of crimes.Talking to victims of crime and helping them foster a positive environment for personal and mental growth.Help victims of crime come up with goals post releasing from prison. 


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