Employment prospects
I enrolled into the school due to a reasonable expectation that I would obtain skills to be
employed so that I take care of the financial situation at home. I was raised by a hard-working
mother and step-father. My mother had been working at a day care, while my step-father worked
as a fire fighter. My mother had to cease working when I was around 16 years old due to a
permanent disability that made her unable to work. As I grew up, I saw how my parents
struggled to make financial ends meet, and to settle bills. I was therefore determined to do
everything possible to ensure I did not experience this kind of life. The need to work on my life
intensified when, as a 19 year old with two kids, and with no skills, I went against my nature and
rushed to get academic qualifications so I would take care of the two kids.

Program Cost and nature of loan
At the time I joined the institution, I received no honest advice of how I would manage to fund
the program cost. Instead, I was encouraged to continue taking high interest rates loans with
promises that repayment options would be flexible enough to fit my budget. Ultimately, even
after my graduation, I was faced with a ballooning of student loan debt. I could therefore not
afford to make payments while in school since I also had to provide basic needs for myself and
family, which I also struggled with. Further, all my attempts to make the promised flexible loan
payments proved futile because I could not afford it. I offered to pay $200 to $300 a month,
which Navient, the servicer of the student loans could not accept. I could also not enter any
agreement with them in that regard.

At that time, I was also facing other financial issues at home. My rental property and my ex-
spouse’s spending habits resulted to the draining of my finances. Besides, I had a total of five
dependents. I also went through a divorce in 2015. There was also a difficulty in making
payments through the Navient portal because some loans could not be located. I had to contact
the Department of Education and Reliant in a bid to track the loans. Unfortunately, interest kept
accruing on the loans. Accordingly, I fell further behind on payments and ultimately defaulted on
my student loans, which had amounted to around $100,000. The aforesaid situation came back to
haunt me once I was established in my career. After I got laid off, all available job offers
required interim clearances, which I could not get by reason of my default. I was out of work for
approximately 6 to 8 months during this time based on this financial difficulty.
It is instrumental to note that I have a proven track record of responsible money management and
on-time payments with an above credit profile other than student loans. When the difficulty in
making payments through the Navient portal was later resolved, I began making payments
consistently. I had to sell the rental property that was draining my finances. It is worth noting
that I am no longer in default status.
Transferring credits
I was denied credit transfer when I wanted to enroll for a Master’s program at the George
Washington University. Notably, as my graduation drew close at ITT, I began researching on the
Master’s program at George Washington University. In the course of the research, I was notified
that my credits from ITT would not be accepted for my enrollment at the aforesaid university.
Career services
In the course of seeking to advance my career, I filled out many job applications and participated
in many interviews seeking employment in the IT sector. However, quite interestingly, many job

applications did not have ITT Technical Institute as an option when populating technical school
or university within applications. I am certain that I did well in the interviews and could have
gotten the jobs had it not been for fact that I hold a degree from ITT Tech. Notably, one
interviewer told me that I was a good and that I had several industry certifications.
Educational services
ITT Technical Institute also held out as an institution with quality educational services that
would prepare the students for the competitive work environment after school. It also appeared
to be well managed, with qualified and experienced teachers. Little did I know that the school
would later be closed.
Admissions and urgency to enroll
ITT Technical Institute held out as an institute that would guarantee me the requisite skills to
have a successful IT practice. For that reason, and in consideration of my need to improve the
financial state of my family and myself, I resolved to join the institution.

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