Welcome to Region Authority Corporation, an enterprise learning management platform.

We at Region Authority Corp. are committed to providing fast, reliable and quality service. We provide network integration, project engineering, cable broadband design and enterprise network services for the telecommunication industry.

We provide a range of core networking engineering services at affordable rates.

Our result focused approach delivers flexible, wide-reaching solutions to meet the complex and varied needs of our clients. From designing and integration of new core platforms to the maintained of existing systems, we are fully able to support any requirements, including but not limited to;

  1. Integration and support of new platforms
  2. Core incident/ticket management services 
  3. Design consultation, and
  4. Back office core support service 

We provide these services as a managed end-to-end field service management solution.


We endeavor to improve the business capacity, quality of life, and working style of our clients. 

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