From:    Fenan Tesfai

91 Crestmont Drive

Calgary, Alberta T3B 5Z6

 May 31, 2021

To:       Amie Dowell

Registrar & CEO

College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta

SUITE 302, 8657-51 AVE NW


PHONE (780)466-1756

FAX (780) 440-0544

Dear Ms. Amie:


My application for registration as a dental hygienist was approved, pursuant to s.30(2) of the Health Professionals Act with conditions where I selected the supervised setting undertaken at Westmount Dental Hygiene over the Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene. This meant that I was supposed to meet conditions by June 30th 2020. Since it had not been complete by then, the due time was extended December 31, 2020. I was also supposed to have completed the course the Independent Evaluation before I returned to work. My registration was then deferred until so was done. I passed my Quality Assurance test but did not submit my eClass assignment on time. Due to this, I was accused of lack of professionalism, judgement and communication.

I write this in pursuant of Section 31 of the Act, a request to revise the decision within 30 days of my receipt of the decision. It is unfortunate that my registration and practice permit was revoked and the registration with CRDHA refused after communication was not on time. So happened because of dismissal early from the program due to lack of information. This resulted to me not handing in my work in time. The fault is mine.

Allow me to finish my online portion as I was dismissed before the due date. I do have majority of the work completed. This was as a result of the fact that I no longer had access to some important forums so I could not finish it with this email. Since a mistake is not a mistake but a repeated mistake is a grave-mistake, I would like to assure you that such a mistake will not be repeated. I hope my plea will be considered, thanks in advance.

Yours truly,

Fenan Tesfai

A student.

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